February 1, 2012

Half-Assed Race Schedule and January in the Books

I'm really happy with how January wrapped up on the training, fitness and lifestyle front. I spent the entire month battling the nagging voice telling me, "go ahead, sleep in and find another day to do that workout," and as a result had only two days off the entire month. One was scheduled, one was murdered by a 12+ hour day at work. Not bad. My numbers are still quite low because I'm creeping back from zero, but I'm thrilled with how I feel, the fitness I've gained and most of all, I'm running again!!!!

But as pleased as I am with the start I've gotten off to, I can't seem to pull the trigger on races this season and as a result, my schedule is looking pretty sad. There are three things holding me back:

  1. My foot. I'm terrified I'll re-injure it so I'm being uber conservative and avoiding running events longer than a half marathon, and pretty much only doing a couple events for fun. I want arrive at IMMT un-injured this year, it's my number one goal.

  2. The Olympics. Many of you know I worked at the Vancouver Games and will also be on the ground the entire duration of London. That work really heats up in April and will consume my life until I return August 13. And let's not forget that IMMT is August 19 (this falls into the "what the hell was I thinking" camp).

  3. My fear of commitment. I'm normally all for putting a stake in the ground and committing to events, even a year or more out as is the case with Ironman. But given the insane travel and nonstop activity at the end of last year, I am going through a serious homebody phase and want nothing to do with road trips, airplanes or weekends away. For now. That may subside after another month in my PJs watching Netflix.

Given all of this, here is my light race schedule for the season so far:

I may add a half Ironman in June, or perhaps Horribly Hilly Hundreds, but for now this is it. I'm looking forward to ending my season early and focusing more on general fitness and recovery, and also taking time for myself. I'm planning a huge trip to Egypt and Jordan in September. The only thing I love more than triathlon is travel. And food, of course.


  1. I so hear you on the commitment thing...I'm in the same boat with possibly signing up for a tri (and honestly most things in my life, lol). Good luck with your foot, injury sucks!

  2. Yay running! You should do the Rev3 Olympic on June 2nd. I think the Mont Tremblant 70.3 may have sold out?

  3. wow, you've definitely got a lot on your plate! makes me feel silly when i complain about being "busy" : ) but kudos to you for knowing what will work for you and fitting it all in. very jealous of your time in London - although i'm sure it will be a lot of work it must be an amazing environment to be immersed in!

    travel is also a passion of mine - i just wish i had more time (and funds!) for it. i'm sure that trip will be a wonderful way to celebrate another successful season : )

  4. great news on a positive month! good things going on for you it will all sort out...always seems to...


  5. Yea but #2 is awesome!! I know what you mean though about beig overwhelmed by your plate. I have gotten better at saying No, but I could still improve on it.

  6. Personally, I think that's plenty of events for this year. You've gone so hard, race-wise, the last few years, my dear, I think your body would appreciate a little break (if not from the training, at least from the travel).
    But congrats on the foot - I hope it continues to improve!



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