August 17, 2012

Not a Bad Week

After a massive foot setback, I approached last week with hesitation and took it easy. After getting a fresh new pair of Brooks Ghosts and a couple easy test runs of five miles or so I was feeling more confident and ended up logging just over 28 pain-free miles. Whatever happened to my foot seems to have been a one-time thing, but I'll be paying close attention to every twinge from now on.

The past week was solid. It marked my return to the pool, really consistent running and some fun culinary adventures.

I have had the great fortune of a hand-me-down CSA allocation the past two weeks which means I'm eating more fruits and veggies than ever. A regular haul looks like this and you have to use it up pretty quickly since it's super fresh and at peak ripeness.

The corn is so amazing I just strip it from the cob raw and toss it with tomato, basil and olive oil. It's divine.

This week was short since I'm headed to Michigan for Steelhead 70.3 where I'll be racing on a relay team. I'm doing the swim (hence my two big trips to the pool) and run. I had several pounds of gorgeous tomatoes and only one day to enjoy them so I spent hours making tomato sauce to freeze for winter. I started by blanching and peeling.

Then an hour of simmering to perfection.

I'll be so happy to thaw this out and taste fresh summer tomatoes when they are long gone for the season.

In other culinary fun we took a pizza making class at Pizza a Casa in Manhattan. It was my first time and I loved it!

I've never eaten so much pizza in my life.

And we got to take tons home. Talk about a perfect night.

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