January 1, 2013

2012 in Review: The Year of 0.0

I barely blogged in 2012 for so many reasons. I was burned out and lost on the athletic front, so I withdrew from Ironman Mont Tremblant and declared 2012 as my year of 0.0. While I was taking the year off, I still attempted to maintain a base level of activity and participate in some races for fun.

Rock n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon, with Chrissie Wellington!

Celebrating Heroes Sprint, with my sister and her husband (his first triathlon!)
Steelhead 70.3 Relay (swim & run), racing where I grew up 

 Rock n' Roll Brooklyn 10k, part of my epic marathon week

Army 10 Miler, an annual tradition

NY Runners for Staten Island volunteering when NYC Marathon was canceled

So while it wasn't technically a year of 0.0, the obligation of training and racing was lifted and everything I did was strictly for fun. I raced for joy, not a good performance. I trained for the marathon because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. And when it was canceled, I immediately shifted my energy to helping Sandy-affected New Yorkers. It felt good to do what my heart told me to do.

A year off has taken a toll on my fitness and I'm starting the new season with an extra 15 pounds to lose, which is never easy. But taking a year off was the right decision and I don't regret it for a moment. It has allowed me to miss the sport and actually look forward to the discipline of training again. This year will be the year of my 5th Ironman and with new focus and new goals, you may be hearing a bit more from me. Happy New Year!


  1. It looks like you had an awesome year! The last few months off has made me miss training so much! I'm ready to dive back in!
    I'm in the extra pound boat too. I'm getting back in the water today and I'm 70% sure that I'm just going to sink.

  2. Happy New Year!!!

    Ironman Wisconsin this year right?

    Hope you have a great 2013!

    1. Yes, another round in Wisconsin. After this I am forcing myself to explore other venues! But I need to give that new swim course a go before I move on. I just love that race. Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. This part

    "I raced for joy, not a good performance. I trained for the marathon because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to."

    speaks volumes to me, because in 2012, I did exactly this, raced for the joy and trained because I wanted to, not because I was "trying to keep up with the endurance jones" training and racing races I was no where ready, both mentally and physically ready for, because I "thought" I "should" be doing what "everyone else was doing" and that is 100% my fault. After I took it out of the equation, I fell back in love with the sport.

    Happy New Years!!

  4. welcome back! glad to hear you were still able to get out on some fun runs and that you're fresh and rejuvenated from the break.

  5. Another IM? that's exciting! I totally understand where you were with the burn out.. it happens.

  6. run to enjoy the best feeling, the only competition is valid to surpass oneself. I wish you to recover soon

    Hello from a new follower from Barcelona (Spain)

    1. Welcome! I couldn't agree more, it was so nice to be focused on fun vs. racing.



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