April 4, 2013

It Finally Clicked

I've struggled on and off all year with consistency. I've been training since December 31 and have had many ups and downs, definitely some fitness gains, but still didn't feel like I was training for an Ironman. Then last week, something finally clicked and I stopped making excuses. After another spotty week I decided to at least commit to completing my long run and brick before the weekend was over.

I wasn't ready to ride Saturday even though the weather was good, so I did my long run and really loved it. Unfortunately, I still wasn't ready to ride Sunday. My bike has been in the basement for months, covered in dust and spiders. The weather was a bit bleak, which wasn't motivation to dust off the bike, kill the spiders and bundle up. Yet I had a 40 mile ride and 3 mile run to tackle. So I decided to HTFU and do it indoors, albeit with a creative twist.

My longest trainer ride to date was 60 miles. I was forced to do it while training for an early-season half Ironman when a blizzard struck. Forty seemed much more tolerable, but still slightly dreadful, so I decided to break it up into a triple brick. I did:
  • One hour bike, 10 minute run
  • One hour bike, 10 minute run
  • Thirty-four minute bike, remainder of the run
My neighbors surely think I'm crazy since I dashed in and out in running clothes every hour for three hours.

This week has been spot on. I have nailed every workout and started working with a personal trainer. I've been plagued by injuries resulting from weakness and imbalance, and feel like I have no trouble gaining endurance, but I struggle with strength. I hope strengthening my body will improve my performance overall and ultimately keep me injury free. After just one session, I'm in so much pain that simple tasks feel monumental... and I love it. I feel like I'm making a positive, necessary change. 

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the good work! I took my first ride today around Indian Lake and thought I had conquered the world! Oh, if I could only be your age again!



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