April 10, 2013

Losses and Gains

It seems spring has finally arrived in New York and I'm loving every sunny minute of it. Tuesday's forecast demanded another outdoor ride.

It feels great to bike again. After consecutive years of logging thousands of miles in the saddle, I dropped to just over 1,000 in 2012 and didn't ride at all after summer. I spent countless hours doing intervals this winter on the trainer and it has definitely eased the transition back to the road. After just two rides I feel stronger and I'm anxious for more.

I'm also improving with my personal trainer. After a few sessions I feel slightly stronger and a lot less sore. We'll be doing two hours a week for at least six weeks, then will evaluate how to move forward.

And finally, my losses this season are something to celebrate. A full year out of the sport really took a toll overall, including some not-so-surprising weight gain. When I started training in January, I immediately lost around three pounds, but then hovered at the same weight with no improvements. So six weeks ago I started taking it far more seriously and the results have been great. I've lost six more pounds and about three inches off my frame. Five more pounds will put me at my typical Ironman race weight, but typical just isn't good enough for me this year so I'll aim to lose five more beyond that. Seeing this reminder pop up on my computer this morning was a good motivator.

I'm off to St. John tomorrow! Open water swimming, running, snorkeling, cocktails, the beach and two of the most amazing friends you could ask for. I can't wait.


  1. I am also trying to lose some weight and get to the lowest racing weight I have ever obtained for my IM. With a mountain pass that has 2 long climbs and one short steep climb, which I have to repeat twice on the 2 loop course, it will just be easier if I am lighter

    Enjoy your time in St John's

  2. Have fun in St John's. Please spare bombarding us with too many pictures of paradise :) haha. Oh what the hell. Bring them on. We can always dream of summer.



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