April 7, 2013

Opening Day, Personal Trainer, Hill Repeats and Wine School

Fine wines and a wide selection of spirits also.

I had such a phenomenal week. It kicked off with the launch of our new company, Zipz, at Citi Field opening day. This was our first customer!

Then I finally pulled the trigger on hiring a personal trainer. I want to make serious fitness gains and just can't seem to do it on my own. I did a session with Travis last fall and loved it, but wasn't sure I wanted to make the commitment. After two workouts I am thrilled with my decision. I can barely get out of bed or dress myself, but I love it.

The weather remains challenging, but today I decided to HTFU and get outside on the bike. I'm fairly sure the last time I rode outdoors was August last year, so it was a huge step. And it involved the customary stop for espresso and muffins.

The ride was incredible. Just over 51 miles and nearly 3,000 feet of climbing, including two rounds of hill repeats on a one-mile climb. I never do repeats even though I should, and I loved it. I battled a 20mph headwind all the way back to the city and still loved it.

Next up is my new wine class, starting tomorrow. Taking a class, regardless of what it is about, is always great. Since graduating from college I've had very limited classroom experiences aside from a long stretch of Spanish classes and a short stretch of Italian classes, neither of which resulted in me being bi-lingual.

Wine has been a hobby of mine for quite some time. I started exploring it in my 20s and fell in love with it in my 30s, and spent the past few years really delving in and ultimately led me to my new job. I know a lot, but have wanted to formalize it more for quite some time so I signed up for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) intermediate level course and start tomorrow.

On top of that, I logged a very solid 12-hour week of training and I'm off to St. John in just a matter of days. Life is really, really good.


  1. YAYY for outside biking!!! I am real close to being able to as well!! Hopefully this weekend.

    Congrats on hiring the trainer

  2. Congrats on the company launch! I have a buddy who works at Cascade Winery & Jaden James Brewing here in town. Very cool that you have found something that you love doing. Maybe you'll expand to Comerica Park eventually????



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