April 25, 2013

Traveling and Training, or Lack Thereof

In the past 14 days, I spent nine of those days traveling - first to St. John, then to London. Neither of these were quick jaunts and each involved a full day of travel on each end. It may seem like poor planning or general torture, but it was worth it.

As most athletes know, training during travel is difficult. Luckily I'm early enough in my season that a couple missed weekends won't hurt tremendously, but it still took a toll. St. John didn't allow for much at all aside from swimming. Running was difficult due to the small size of the island, steep grade on just about every street and scorching heat and humidity. I ran once, about 40 minutes, and otherwise did lots of snorkeling and a little swimming.

London should have been easier, but jet lag and an overload of pints actually made it harder. At least in London I was on my feet all day, every day, often logging five plus miles. I also did one good run in Hyde Park to justify filling a quarter of my suitcase with running clothes.

Now that I'm back I feel pretty beat up. The sunburn from St. John has finally healed and the stiffness in my legs from the London flight is subsiding, but I'm suffering from jet lag and I've caught a cold. I likely taxed my immune system way too much and am now paying the price. Luckily it's a "neck up" cold so I'm attempting to stick to my normal training schedule.

The key will be getting back out on the bike as soon as possible. It's the area I'm lacking in the most due to the miserable spring we're having in the Northeast. But that's no excuse. It's time to step up the miles and get ready for my first tri of the season just six weeks away. In the meantime, I'll reflect on my trips and the fun I had, and look forward to the next. I love travel too much to give it up because of training. Life is about finding balance.

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  1. It is fun to get away for some vacation time. You mentioned two things I am worried about on my way to Switzerland, jet lag and getting a cold. I been trying to study up on the effects of jet lag and how to lessen the feeling of it.

    I had to scrap forst off my car this morning, I think we are just going straight into summer, no spring.



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