April 18, 2013

Weekend in Paradise

Enjoy French wine with this fine selection.

Last weekend I went to St. John with two of my best friends. They were married on the island a year ago and graciously invited me to crash their anniversary trip. It was amazing. Since it's one of the most beautiful places I've been, I thought pictures would do a much better job than words.

Upgrade! Nice way to start.

Finally arrived. It's a long journey, but well worth it.

We had this amazing view from our deck.

Dolled up for dinner...

Typical sunset...

The lovebirds

Chris making the famous Painkiller drink!

View from a little hike to Ram's Head

Blue cobblestone beach

Sugar mill ruins

Tons of snorkeling... Look closely for the sea turtle at the bottom!

My daily view

Sadly on the ferry back to St. Thomas for the journey home

But just a few more Painkillers at the airport!

There was eating, drinking, swimming, snorkeling, laughing, laying on the beach, and even a little bit of running. Aside from being too short, it was the perfect weekend.


  1. How fun and relaxing!! I need a vacation

  2. seriously awesome! i'm pretty sure my friends wouldn't want me as a 3rd wheel though, haha. but glad y'all had fun!



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