May 15, 2013

Deathly Ill

Just as my training was ramping up and feeling good I hit a major bump in the road. Last Thursday's long run was misery. I just felt off. Afterward I was in terrible pain and could have slept the rest of the day.

Then I woke up Friday with a fever of 102.5. By 8am it was in the mid 103s and by 1pm it was 104.5. I checked into the ER at 3:25 and wouldn't return home until midnight, and only because I demanded to leave and signed out AMA. After numerous physical exams, blood and urine cultures, a chest X-ray and an abdominal CT, which involved drinking a liter of the most foul tasting solution on earth, there were still no answers and I still had a fever.

This went on all of Saturday and Sunday, although with a lower fever threshold each day. Monday marked major improvement, but still no recovery. I had additional blood tests yesterday and more exams, but no diagnosis. Then today, on day six of my mystery illness, I finally feel "normal." I haven't had a fever (yet) and am not taking any ibuprofen or Tylenol. I don't have any lingering body aches or pains. I have a decent energy level and mental clarity.

I hope this is the end and I hope the beginning of my wellness is just around the bend. I'm so anxious to move. I don't need to go out guns blazing and dive back into training, but I've seen enough of my couch and bed to last a lifetime. Fingers crossed.


  1. That sucks, I hope your feeling 100% soon.

  2. That sound so awful! I hope you're back to kicking butt soon! I'm sending loads of positive vibes your way!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling much better!

  4. This sounds rough! Hope you are feeling better by now !



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