October 25, 2012

Army 10 Miler

Last weekend I went to DC for our annual tradition, the Army 10 Miler. I've been doing this with my sister and brother-in-law since 2008 and have only missed one year due to injury. In fact, every year one of us seems to be injured and this year it was my sister's turn to miss the race. So her husband, Phil, and I ran together. A more accurate description might be hobbled it together given I was barely walking all week, let alone running.

After my epic training week things went downhill very fast. A nagging upper thigh pain turned severe and thoughts of a femoral stress fracture clouded my head. I couldn't run without limping and couldn't bear the pain more than 3 miles so I rested all week and muddled through the Army 10 "just for fun." And fun it was. Here are some highlights from the weekend.

Sniper for a moment, Army 10 Expo

Sisters, Army 10 Expo
Black Hawk, Army 10 Expo
Afternoon pick-me-up, Union Market DC
Duck bratwurst, 8407 Kitchen Silver Spring
Fall colors, Virgina wine country
Mile 8.5, Army 10

Post-race pumpkin pancakes courtesy of my sister!


  1. I love the Army 10 Miler but I hate getting into and out of the city !

  2. I hope you have recovered from upper thigh pain. It seems you indeed enjoyed the Army 10 Miler with your sister. Those post race pumpkin pancakes look so yummy!

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