December 31, 2010

2010: Year in Reflection

As 2010 draws to a close, it's time to look back at goals - both met and unmet, challenges, experiences and successes. This was a year that took me from the Vancouver Winter Olympics to Napa Valley, to my first race since the injury to Ironman training, to Italy by bike and eventually the most incredible Ironman experiences I could have wished for - a 13:31 finish in Lake Placid and a 12:48 finish just 7 weeks later in Wisconsin, the ultimate comeback and a PR of more than 3 hours. It was a year that presented personal ups and downs, but each challenge was another opportunity to grow and I ended up in a good place. So how did the numbers stack up?
  • Bike: 4,094.81 miles, 268h 31m 22s
  • Run: 553.98 miles, 93h 49m 45s
  • Swim: 82,723 yards, 30h 27m 07s
I biked nearly 800 miles more than 2009, but fell short of my 5,000 mile goal. Next year. I ran 164 miles less due to injury recovery, but had two really amazing marathons. The swim? Let's just say I was at the pool less than half as much as I should have been.

I used to be obsessed with numbers but not so much anymore. I truly lived my life to the fullest in 2010 and made risky decisions for my races in order to prioritize my non-tri life. I have no regrets. 2010 was an incredibly rewarding year and I can only look forward to even bigger and better things in 2011.

Because it's so hard to put into words, here are 100 photos from some of my favorite moments in 2010.

What are your most memorable moments? Happy New Year everyone!

December 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland

How ironic is it that I'm in a place where it snows all the time, even when it's snowing nowhere else, yet we haven't seen a flake and where I'm from, where snow makes national news, they are buried in a blizzard? That has been my experience in Michigan while my home in New York has essentially been in lockdown. I'm scheduled to travel back tomorrow and I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little bit concerned. After the hell I had getting here I figure I have some good travel karma coming my way, right?

While it may not have snowed during my week here, there was a great deal of snow on the ground when I arrived. This part of the country is incredibly beautiful in the snow. It's rather idyllic and looks like how winter should be. I don't miss driving through blizzards and on sheets of ice, but I do miss experiencing winter in a way that doesn't cripple a major metropolis. Because the snow wasn't fresh, I've had a chance to run outside a lot and have enjoyed every step. Sure it's cold, but I grew up here so I'm tough (ok, I'm not, but let's pretend like I am). I snapped a few shots during today's run to capture the feeling. And I need a break occasionally. What can I say, I'm pretty beat up from the cookies, wine, ribs and other deliciousness.

Scenes From My Run

The holidays definitely made my fitness challenges even more challenging, but I managed to maintain the weight I arrived at, which isn't so bad all things considered. Beyond that I have had three great runs - 4 miles on Christmas day, 9 miles on the 26th and 5 miles today. I'm running 4 more in the morning before attempting to return to New York, and I also went to the gym and swam once. All in all, not a bad holiday break. I'm sad to leave my family, but looking forward to getting back on a schedule. How did your holiday training go?

December 26, 2010

The Delta Pilferage Report

By now you've probably guessed I had a fairly rotten travel experience with Delta this Christmas. I shared part one of the debacle in Thursday's post but opted to retain the rest of the story until after the holiday, and what shred of feel-good spirit I had, was finished. Here is a chronological timeline of events:

Thursday, December 23
  • Finally arrived in South Bend after 10 hours of travel. I was elated to be home.
  • Got to baggage claim and the bags were out in record time. I was thinking it might be the first stroke of luck I'd had all day.
  • Alas, no bag.
  • Went to the Delta counter where they informed me my bag was listed in the system as having arrived in South Bend. Yeah, not quite accurate. They agreed it was absurd that a bag with a four hour layover didn't make the flight. I got a file number and called it a night.
Friday, December 24
  • My brother picked up my sister at the airport around 11am and stopped at the Delta counter for an update. They said my bag would be on the next flight, approximately one hour.
  • My brother went back two hours later and still no bag. Now it was in Cincinnati.
  • I called Delta repeatedly and not only was my file number not in the system, no one had a clue what was going on. All flights were full and at weight capacity so my bag remained in an airport - maybe Detroit? Maybe Cincinnati? Who knew.
  • The family Christmas celebration started. I was in the same clothes as the day before and had no gifts for anyone. How festive.
Saturday, December 25
  • My cell phone rang at 7am... it was a baggage delivery person from Delta just miles away with my bag. I sprang out of bed, totally relieved.
  • I quickly checked to be sure the multiple gift cards I packed were still there. They were. I went back to sleep.
  • A few hours later I decided to unpack. This is when things went South yet again. My Garmin 405 and iPod were missing. Merry F'ing Christmas.
  • I waited a few hours for a friend to go by my apartment and see if I'd left the two items by mistake. I hadn't.
  • I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Delta reporting a claim and was instructed to fill out a Damage/Pilferage form as soon as possible. Pilferage - such a delicate way to say "theft by our employees."
  • Most of my Christmas day was spent sitting on the phone, filling out forms, copying luggage tags, etc. Good times.
  • Delta informed me I likely won't be reimbursed since the items stolen were electronics. What exactly do they reimburse for then???
Needless to say, this experience affected my enjoyment of the holidays. I tried to keep a positive attitude but it felt like one blow after another and the fact that Delta wasn't bending over backwards to make up for it really disappointed me. There is no excuse for such epic failure during the holidays when they know they will be busier than ever. They should have been prepared.

I tried to shake it off by heading out for a run since I finally had my shoes and clothes. It definitely lifted my spirits and I got right back on track with my marathon training, including my long run today. I did 9 miles in the frigid wind and have never felt better. No pain, no fatigue and I actually enjoyed it.

It will be about 4-6 weeks before my claim is settled, but I think I know the outcome. The moral of this story is carry on when you can and lock up your luggage. You never know who is going through your personal things.

December 25, 2010

Christmas in Michigan

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! This has definitely been a challenging one for me (details of the culmination of my unpleasant Delta experience will be shared tomorrow) but the most important thing is that I'm with my family. We had a white Christmas in Michigan from past snowfall, but have yet to get new snow. I believe it's on its way. We've enjoyed seeing my 2.5 year old nephew experience all the joy of Christmas as only a child could and have enjoyed far too many incredible treats. I could barely sleep last night due to the cookie, cheese and wine overload. But since my bag finally arrive this morning I was able to go running today and earn a few more cookies.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and forgetting about training for just a moment. We can start back up on Monday!

December 23, 2010

Bending the Rules

Today was a busy, busy holiday travel day. I got up at 7am to be sure I could fit in all that needed to be done - finish packing, pick up the laundry, buy cat food, go to the bank, finish cleaning the apartment, scoop the litter box (ugh) and fit in some sort of workout. I opted for a trainer ride and dove back into Season 5 of Lost. Good choice.

I was clicking right along on schedule and had a plan to be on the street hailing a cab by 1:00. Miraculously I was. And more miraculously a cab appeared within minutes. My lucky day... or so I thought. I was digging through my enormous bag for something and didn't notice he had missed a turn and was going the absolutely worst possible way. I immediately told him he needed to take a different street but it was too late, we were in parking lot traffic with a series of one-ways all going the wrong way. So what does he do? Just one block before the destination street he decides to turn, and we end up going right back to where we started! I was beyond furious and at this point he had wasted 20 minutes and 15 dollars. I started to suspect I wouldn't make it to the airport.

We got on the BQE and all was good, we were making decent time and there was a sliver of a chance. But that sliver crumbled when we approached LaGuardia and came to a screeching halt - accident on the Grand Central Parkway right in front of the airport. Learn to drive people!!! The 10 minute crawl to the terminal crushed my chances of making my 2:37 flight. I was exactly 3 minutes past the baggage check deadline and Delta would not budge. So I called the re-booking line while I waited in line and was given some very bad news. I would have to take another taxi home only to return at 5am for the 6am flight, which I'd also have the pleasure of paying an extra few hundred bucks for. Seriously???

But I refuse to give up so easily so I waited in line until I finally reached a real, live Delta agent. And to my good fortune, she was an angel. She immediately felt sorry for me and wanted to help. I suggested they let me go on the 2:37 and send my bag on the 4:30 since there was only one connecting flight in Detroit and it wasn't until 7:40. She brought a supervisor over to try to make it happen and luckily he felt sorry for me as well. He couldn't break the TSA rule of putting a bag on a plane without a passenger but he was willing to try to get me and my bag on the flight. He took me to the front of the security line and told me to toss out all of the liquids in my to-be-checked bag - bye bye hundreds of dollars of girly products - and take the bag to the gate where they would be waiting for me. I cut the security line and got dirty looks from fellow passengers, but sailed right through and was at the gate on time.

And then guess what? The flight was delayed an hour and they ended up gate checking just about everyone's bags for free... I'm the sucker who paid $23. But it was a small price to pay to not spend Christmas in Brooklyn alone with my cat. I'm now about 1.5 hours into my 2.5 hour layover in Detroit, sipping wine at the Vino Volo wine bar. I'm undoing yesterday's cleanse for sure, but it's the holidays and travel hell time, I can't help it. I'll be home with my family in about 3 hours.

I have a lot of running to do this week as I ease into my marathon training. I'll tackle 9 this weekend and will no doubt be thankful to be burning some holiday calories.

Happy holidays to everyone, wherever your travels and celebrations may take you!

December 22, 2010

What's Another 26.2?

A 70.3 in Southern California sounded pretty nice. I mentioned it to a friend who lives in LA. She suggests I join her for the LA Marathon. The 70.3 was sold out. And there you have it my friends, I'm now signed up to run a marathon in 88 days. I think we all know what I've been up to for the past 88 days so I've got a lot of work ahead of me. But before you think I'm impulsive, foolish, crazy (ok, maybe 2 out of 3 could apply), I did check with my coach to be sure I wouldn't be setting myself up for massive failure and injury. He's pretty conservative and he felt I could do it and actually do it well if I were committed. So I am. I started this week and will make it my primary focus for the next 3 months.

Perhaps the best thing about this is the giant push to stop being lazy. I needed it and couldn't find it with my first big race 10 months away. It has also forcing me to stop the holiday indulging. I was on very good behavior Sunday, Monday and Tuesday aside from some drinks Monday and a little chocolate in the office Tuesday. I'm down 3 pounds - 12 to go. I've also been far more consistent with the workouts.

In preparation for a long day of travel and the impending Christmas eating, I did one day of the Blueprint Cleanse's Juice 'til Dinner. I wanted to wake up Thursday feeling good and was so busy today I didn't have time to eat anyway. I'm 3/4 of the way through it and have really enjoyed it. I had a green juice this morning, a pineapple/apple/mint combo after my run, another green juice a couple hours later and a lemonade with cayenne about 30 minutes ago. Since this is only juice during the day, I have my small, raw meal to look forward to later. I also have a snack that I never consumed. I haven't felt hungry except for after my run and have enjoyed all the juices. I'll let you know how I feel at 10pm tonight.

My plan for the next several days is to enjoy the holidays in small, small portions. I'm not going to sit there munching on celery, but I'm not going to go hog wild like I have in the past either. Who's with me?

December 19, 2010

One Out of Two

I had a slightly better week, but the closest to consistency I could get was working out roughly every other day. It's an improvement over the single workout weeks I've had recently, but I clearly need to step it up tremendously as I ease into my build phase for the 2011 season (just saying 2011 season makes my stomach flip a little). I also said farewell to the holiday partying. And this time I mean it.

Monday, which I previewed in my last post, really lived up to the expectations plus some. The 6-course dinner with as many paired wines was unbelievable and the post-dinner drinks were far more fun than one should have on a Monday night. After dragging myself through Tuesday, I had two very low key nights in preparation for my annual work party on Thursday. The party was subdued, but the after party with a girlfriend made Friday a total bust. After vowing to lock myself indoors for the weekend, I was arm-twisted into going out Friday with a girlfriend I haven't seen in forever and of course dragged through Saturday.

With my team from work at the holiday party

But in the midst of the holiday revelry, I did manage to run twice, bike twice, swim once and get in one session of strength training. Not bad compared to recent weeks and I feel someone motivated to stay consistent.

I've shared my lofty weight loss goals before and the time has come to take it seriously. Not only have I made zero progress, but I gained nearly 8 pounds from my two weeks in Italy and Wisconsin. Granted I had a lot of fun gaining said weight, but as the worst week ever for nutrition approaches, I have to make choices. My Ironman schedule starts on February 1, at which point I need to be within 3 pounds of my 2011 goal race weight. Past experience has shown I can't lose weight while Ironman training so it's now or never. The journey started yesterday and I've already lost a pound. I have a feeling the 8 I gained while vacationing will come off very quickly, then the rest will be a battle. I have shorter-term goal to lose 15 pounds by mid-January and then a longer-term goal to lose another 5 by mid-February. God help me, Christmas is going to be very tough this year!

December 13, 2010

Get This Party Started

I have good news and bad news. First the good. In Friday's post, I promised to stop being lazy and I followed through. I went to Computrainer class Saturday morning and nearly had a coronary after two hours of tight competition and heavy sweating. I held a respectable third place out of 7 cyclists, not bad considering I haven't biked in 2 weeks and have barely broken a sweat doing anything else. I was also finally successful in dragging my sleepy self out of bed in the cold and mist to run this morning. It's depressing how dark it is and how long the darkness lingers. It was still barely light out when I finished but for once I didn't sleep in.

Now the bad. The holiday indulgence is little by little killing my fitness and pretty much guaranteeing I won't be fitting into my skinny jeans for awhile. Post-Italy/Wisconsin I vowed to clean up the lifestyle, but it's the holiday season and I missed people I hadn't seen in nearly 3 weeks. Thursday was a big food and drinks night for work at an overnight in Connecticut, Friday was decidely much more chill, but Saturday... Oh Saturday. It lasted into Sunday and involved visits to multiple cocktail establishments in Manhattan. It was a ridiculous amount of fun that meant Sunday was spent on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Mad Men (my new obsession).

If anyone else is struggling with the deluge of holiday eating and drinking, check out this article on how to survive as an athlete. I took the advice and took a day off. My body needed it.

My tri club's annual holiday party was last night so I spent hours talking about the upcoming season and race plans and it struck me that I have a massive year ahead. I did two Ironmans this year, but my season was over in September. My season doesn't even begin until August and I won't be done until nearly December. My training schedule will be the longest I've ever done and because of that, I don't feel guilty at all about the slacking I'm doing now. This break may be bad for my waistline but it's incredible for my spirit and I'll look back fondly at pulling an all-nighter with a girlfriend when I'm clipped in and heading out for a ride at the same hour I was leaving my final bar Sunday morning.

With that I'll leave you with a glimpse of tonight's indulgence, a 5-course pig dinner at 'Inoteca. Tis the season!

December 10, 2010

The Raw Truth

In an effort to detox a bit and hopefully feel better overall, I consumed mostly raw foods for about 2.5 days. It wasn't a true cleanse or detox since I ate some regular foods and drank a little wine on Day 2 (hey, it was a really, really bad day), but rather was a clean break from the over-indulgence of Italy and Wisconsin.

So how did it go? Overall fairly well, but if you haven't subsisted on primarily raw foods before there are some things you should know. I was expecting to feel lighter and thinner, but instead felt bloated and fatter than before. I'm attributing it to the following:
  1. A raw diet tends to make one gassy, and not gassy in the sense that no one wants to be in the room with you, gassy in the sense that you feel like someone pumped you up. My stomach looked huge at times and I had a perpetual feeling of fullness.
  2. Despite eating all those vegetables, things slow down in the 'ol bathroom department, if you know what I mean. That also makes you feel bloated.
  3. I was consuming more liquid than ever before. The 1-2 green juices coupled with massive quantities of water and herbal tea had me feeling rather full.
Despite the bloating, there were some very positive benefits, specifically:
  1. My skin looked radiant. When you're consuming that many vegetables it actually makes you look better.
  2. My energy level was better and my sleep quality improved.
  3. My junk food cravings were curbed and when I consumed a bunch of sugar yesterday at a work function, I felt pretty nasty. Hopefully this will encourage me to keep the sugar to a minimum during these next few (very difficult) weeks.
Quite surprisingly I started enjoying the green juice and plan to keep it as a staple in my diet. It's nice to get the nutrient benefits of a bag of spinach, two stalks of celery, an entire cucumber, an apple or two and a lemon in a convenient, sippable form. But would I do a full-fledged juice cleanse? I'm not sure. Part of me thinks the challenge would be great but I just don't think it's necessary. I don't buy into the whole theory of resting your system and there is no way I'd give up caffeine. But who knows, I love a good challenge so maybe it would be something good for the New Year.

In closing, I need to come clean about my complete and utter failure to conquer winter and do some sort of swim, bike or run activity daily. I've done zilch since Sunday aside from 45 minutes on the elliptical to burn some calories. It was a busy week and I'd love to say I didn't have time, but the truth is I didn't make time. I'm going to attempt to get back into the swing this weekend. Please hold me accountable.

December 7, 2010

All Juiced Up

As promised, self-imposed fat camp started today. I woke up filled with regret over the hot chocolate, peanuts, cookie and dark chocolate (really, really, really good stuff from Paris at least) I had between 9:30 and midnight last night and I found the courage to weigh myself. Seven pounds folks. In two weeks. That's not only disgusting, but I'm encroaching upon a weight I haven't been at since pre-triathlon.

My plan for the day was a lot of green juice and some salad. What is green juice, for those who are fortunate enough not to know? It's essentially any fresh juice made from green vegetables, though some people like to add a green apple, citrus, carrot or pineapple to jazz up the taste a bit. It's incredibly healthy and very good for detoxing. I tried my neighborhood juice joint but they weren't open yet... that's what I get for going to work earlier than normal. So I located a place a block from my office and ordered a delicious concoction of spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple. I was salivating just thinking about it, it actually sounded good after the gluttony. If only it tasted so good. It was VERY green. Almost grasslike. Imagine griding up your salad greens with nothing fun on them and drinking them. Bingo!

It grew on me as I sipped it over the course of 30 minutes. It's not that it tasted bad, it just didn't taste very good. I was yearning for something perhaps a little tangier or zestier. When you've been living off of junk your taste buds are accustomed to that so it takes time to appreciate cleaner, more natural foods. At least this is what I tell myself.

So what else did I eat today?
  • One green apple... this seriously tasted like pure heaven

  • Big salad with arugula, raw asparagus, a few cherry tomatoes, carrots, grilled tofu and a splash of barley so I wouldn't pass out; no dressing, just a drizzle of good olive oil and tons of salt (gotta keep at least one vice)

  • Tiny packet of dry roasted peanuts (THANK YOU Delta!!!!)

  • Eight ounces chicken broth... also heaven

Clearly this isn't enough for me so tonight I will eat a small, healthy meal and tomorrow I'm amping up the raw vegetables as snacks. I'll also add another juice or two, there can't be much calorie content in there and honestly, I feel better already having pumped myself full of so much natural goodness.

Today is a non-workout day due to obligations thankfully. I'm going to aim to dive back in tomorrow!

December 6, 2010

Farewell, Madison... Hello, Fat Camp!

I'll be heading to the airport shortly to return to New York. I feel like it's been months since I've been home and am looking forward to plopping myself onto my dusty couch for a few nights. I think my cat Otis will be happy as well. These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind... my incredible trip to Rome and a very fun, even if stressful, week with my family. All turned out well and I couldn't have asked for more.

In reflecting on Madison, I realized I consumed more crap in one week than I have in months. Here are some highlights:
  • An unbelievable burger made with short ribs and other delicious cuts of beef, fries, a shared charcuterie and cheese board and a couple glasses of wine at Graze, one of my favorite places to eat in Madison.
  • Lake perch fry at The Old Fashioned, washed down with a couple incredible Wisconsin brews and of course preceded by fried cheese curds.
  • Mini burgers, bone marrow and a decadent grilled cheese with pork belly and homemade chips, washed down with around 4 strong beers at Cooper's Tavern. Thank god I was walking that night!
  • Grilled salmon club (that means there was bacon on there), fries and a beer for lunch at the Great Dane with more cheese curds, more bone marrow and fried chicken with waffles for dinner at Graze. At least I drank heart-healthy red wine that night (aside from the pre-dinner beers I had at The Old Fashioned)!
  • Sausage gravy and biscuits (yes, I am a huge pig) with a blackberry scone for breakfast at Lazy Janes and a pulled pork burrito with various shared appies and tequila drinks at El Dorado Grill. Aye carumba!
  • Sushi from Sushi Muramoto... finally something semi-healthy!
And the verdict is.... I'm huge. I have finally reached a point where I must buckle down and start a self-imposed fat camp. Buried under my winter fluff might still be a triathlete and if I start now I may have hope of unearthing her before the offseason is really over. So beginning tomorrow it's desperate measures time. No more beer, cheese, pastries, bacon, anything fried, basically anything good. Hello vegetables. God help me.

December 5, 2010

Kristin vs. Winter

I am so not ready for winter. It's been tolerable in New York thus far and Italy was perfect - upper 50s during the day, low 40s at night. Then I arrived in Wisconsin and was shocked into the reality that winter has arrived. It's in the single digits at times and when it got up to 30 yesterday I had to put the window down in the car! Oh boy. Like years past, I'm making a vow not to let winter get the best of me and decided to start today.

I was getting a bit of cabin fever and briefly considered the treadmill or elliptical to kill some time and burn some calories (I ate a VERY large cookie after breakfast), but decided I'd suck it up again and go outside. It was 21 after all, 8 full degrees warmer than Friday's run... how bad could it be? What a difference 8 degrees makes! I didn't turn to stone while I waited for the Garmin to find a signal and I never felt like my hands might fall off. I even had to unzip my top for some ventilation.

I ran a little over 6 miles on parts of the Ironman Wisconsin run course - the Capitol loop, State Street and the path along Lake Mendota. Much of it was covered in snow and ice, particularly the stretch along Mendota, and it couldn't have looked more different than race day. As I was running I realized I'd experienced so many highs and lows along those miles, both in training and racing. For the first time I got a little excited about the upcoming season.

So in the battle between myself and winter, I am pleased to report victory - Winter: 0, Kristin: 2. Let's see if I can keep it up this month with a goal of doing at least 30 minutes of swimming, biking or running every day and NO treadmill runs. I'm allowed to ride on the trainer because I'm not that crazy, but I refuse to be driven indoors just yet by Mother Nature. Who's with me?

December 4, 2010

Cool Running and Dad Update

First an update on my dad. The surgery went well on Thursday. It was a very long day but we were all so relieved it was a success and he was in good spirits considering what he had been through. He had to stay two nights in the hospital and was sent home tonight. He still has a lot of recovering to do, but it's great to see him here and out of the hospital gown. Such a relief.

The weather has been crazy in Wisconsin. It was getting colder in New York, but not too cold to keep all my East Coast friends off their bikes today. Here, however, it's dipping into the single digits at night and warming up to a balmy mid-20s during the day. After a more than 2-week stint of zero physical activity I was starting to feel pretty dreadful and decided I would get up and go running yesterday. I went to to see the temperature: it was 12 degrees. Yes, just 12. I waited for an hour and it was 13. I despise running in temps that cold but I'd consumed a large number of cheese curds, fried fish, burgers, beer and chocolate since my arrival (and after the copious amounts of cheese, salami and pasta in Italy) and felt it was suck it up time.

So suck it up I did, and somehow managed to convince my sister to suck it up with me. We put on every piece of athletic clothing we packed and headed out. I could say "it wasn't so bad," but I'm not going to lie to you. It was horrible. The wind was biting and ripped through my layers of thermal Sugoi faster than I could say "damn, it's cold!" Warm-up schwarm-up, we had to start running immediately upon exiting the building. I kept waiting for my body temp to rise and nada. My skin was burning and my fingers went numb. Actually my toes went numb, too. I noticed my legs were heavy... was it from not running for weeks or was it from the hideous, sub-zero temps? Funny enough though I managed to enjoy being out and moving. I definitely have a drive to be active and I'm not myself when circumstances force me to take it easy.

We endured 30 minutes and retreated to the warmth of the condo. A 30-minute scorching shower helped thaw me out and about 2 hours later I was finally back to normal. Perhaps life in the Northeast has softened me up or perhaps I was never cut out for the cold Midwest temps. All I know is 30 degrees is my threshold of comfort. We awoke this morning to inches of fluffy snow that I have to admit looked very charming. I ventured out to meet friends for breakfast and decided today was as good a day as any to get back into the pool. Hopefully this will be the beginning of getting back to my normal self.

December 1, 2010

Different Priorities

I'm back in Madison where I raced my last Ironman, only this time I'm here for my family. My dad is having surgery tomorrow, a procedure called pyeloplasty to repair his kidney. My sister arrived today so we're all here together, something that doesn't happen often with our busy schedules and lives. We all have different priorities, but for now they are all the same.

Take a moment to thank the people who support you throughout your training and racing, and don't hesitate to shift your priorities when they need you. This week is for you dad, nothing but positive thoughts and energy.


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