December 13, 2010

Get This Party Started

I have good news and bad news. First the good. In Friday's post, I promised to stop being lazy and I followed through. I went to Computrainer class Saturday morning and nearly had a coronary after two hours of tight competition and heavy sweating. I held a respectable third place out of 7 cyclists, not bad considering I haven't biked in 2 weeks and have barely broken a sweat doing anything else. I was also finally successful in dragging my sleepy self out of bed in the cold and mist to run this morning. It's depressing how dark it is and how long the darkness lingers. It was still barely light out when I finished but for once I didn't sleep in.

Now the bad. The holiday indulgence is little by little killing my fitness and pretty much guaranteeing I won't be fitting into my skinny jeans for awhile. Post-Italy/Wisconsin I vowed to clean up the lifestyle, but it's the holiday season and I missed people I hadn't seen in nearly 3 weeks. Thursday was a big food and drinks night for work at an overnight in Connecticut, Friday was decidely much more chill, but Saturday... Oh Saturday. It lasted into Sunday and involved visits to multiple cocktail establishments in Manhattan. It was a ridiculous amount of fun that meant Sunday was spent on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Mad Men (my new obsession).

If anyone else is struggling with the deluge of holiday eating and drinking, check out this article on how to survive as an athlete. I took the advice and took a day off. My body needed it.

My tri club's annual holiday party was last night so I spent hours talking about the upcoming season and race plans and it struck me that I have a massive year ahead. I did two Ironmans this year, but my season was over in September. My season doesn't even begin until August and I won't be done until nearly December. My training schedule will be the longest I've ever done and because of that, I don't feel guilty at all about the slacking I'm doing now. This break may be bad for my waistline but it's incredible for my spirit and I'll look back fondly at pulling an all-nighter with a girlfriend when I'm clipped in and heading out for a ride at the same hour I was leaving my final bar Sunday morning.

With that I'll leave you with a glimpse of tonight's indulgence, a 5-course pig dinner at 'Inoteca. Tis the season!


  1. Congrats on the biking! That's awesome!

    And you aren't alone with the indulging. It's that time of year right? (that's what I keep telling myself)

  2. I am going throught the same exact phase! Loads of holiday parties... too many drinks... a ton of food... not working out... the list is long :) I'm trying not to let myself get down about how unfit I'm feeling and trying to realize that come January I will be getting in tip top shape for Placid!

  3. This time of year is always a problem. I view it as the off season, enjoy the Holidays, then get serious come New Year's Day. A nice long run is a great hangover cure.

  4. Kristin, I just read a great article and did a blog post about how to minimize holiday pounds. Check out my post here:



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