December 10, 2008

Catch Up

Do you ever feel you are so far behind on everything that you'll never catch up? That's how I feel right now. Work has been busy and my set schedule is no longer set so I've had to remain flexible, which has evaporated any free time I had. I'm squeezing my final races in for the marathon qualifier, I still haven't unpacked from Amsterdam and haven't even dreamed of packing for the move to Brooklyn. I also just realized I never posted NYC Marathon photos, even though they are all downloaded, sized and labeled. I have Amsterdam photos, too. And isn't Christmas soon?

I got a solid 8 hours of sleep last night after a few nights of 4-6. That was the best catching up of all. I went straight to the gym after work to swim so there would be no excuses. Not surprisingly, it was more crowded at 7pm, but I still only had one lane-mate. Unfortunately he was Mr. Splashy so every time I passed him I nearly got rolled over from the wave he created. And the guy was tiny. It was like open water swimming. We almost got a third swimmer at one point, but luckily someone else left just as she was getting ready to hop in. I'm definitely going to miss having whole lanes, and sometimes the whole pool to myself, but it's so much nicer to swim at the gym. I took only my swimsuit, cap, goggles and flip flops, which is a nice change from toting around a huge bag of stuff. It makes it easier and that matters more than anything else. Now if only all the other to-dos were easier.

Distance - 1350 yards
Time - 27:11

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