February 17, 2010

Swim and Mukmuk Pin

My days lately are such that everything blends together aside from a few highlights. Today's highlights? First, I swam. Later, I scored the Visa Mukmuk pin I swore I couldn't leave Vancouver without. Let's start with the swim. There isn't a great deal to report except that I'm thrilled I had time to do it. My daily 8am meeting was pushed to 9 allowing me that little extra time I so desperately need to fit something in. I'd been inactive for five days so I didn't push it at all. I just wanted to put in some time and get moving again. I did 1200y in 10 sets of 120 due to my odd shaped pool. When I get home I have some serious catching up to do.

And now to the exciting part of my day - the Mukmuk pin. I don't get out and about much so I'm not part of the Olympics excitement on the street. However, I have located a couple guys trading pins near my workplace so when grabbing lunch, I occasionally stop by to see what they have. I took a quick look and didn't see my Mukmuk and the guy said he didn't have the current Visa pins. I was bummed. But as we talked a bit more I said "I can't believe you don't have any Mukmuks." This must have jogged his memory so he flipped through layer upon layer of pins and lo and behold, buried on the bottom was one, solo Visa pin... Mukmuk driving the zamboni. I made a trade and it was mine. Now my trip is complete.


  1. I remember the pin-trading frenzy during the Olympics in Atlanta. I have not thought about it in years until I read your post. Congrats on finding the one you wanted.



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