February 18, 2010

Tourist for a Minute

I finally got to play Olympic tourist for a brief bit today. As part of the program I'm managing, we have several media and bloggers in and out of town as guests so I escorted one of them to the Main Press Center and Olympic torch this morning. We started at the Press Center, where all credentialed print media is working throughout the Games. We were guests of Getty Images so we spent a great deal of time in their office talking about the magic they create during the Olympics. With a staff of roughly 50 photographers between Whistler and Vancouver, Getty is the official photographer of the Games covering every event and sharing photos with media outlets around the world. I absolutely love photography and seeing the incredible shots they are capturing was priceless. It was a highlight of my Olympic experience for sure.

After enjoying the breathtaking view from the terrace of Canada Place, the home of the Press Center, we strolled over to view the Olympic torch. As most of you have probably read, the torch is enclosed by an ugly chain link fence. It's really a shame. I understand they can't have people walking right up to it, but there had to have been a better way to keep it protected from the masses. Luckily they have cut a strip in the fence so you can capture a photo fence-free.

After looking at pins, taking pictures of mascots on the buses and posing in front of the Vancouver 2010 signs, we headed back to the P&G Family Home for some media interviews with Kristi Yamaguchi. It was another good day work-wise.

I did a little jog this morning. Or rather I tried a little jog this morning that turned mostly into a walk with some jogging thrown in. My feet were achy and my body just beat up. I haven't run for more than a week and I'm battling fatigue in a huge way. I'm disappointed in the toll this trip is taking on my fitness, but committed to fighting my way back when I return to New York. The countdown is on, I'll be home in four days.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading all of your Olympic experiences. Have I told you I am SUPER jealous that you are out there?!?!?

  2. I love the work that Getty Images does. I envy your opportunity to visit their work site. If you could squeeze in the time, a run through Stanley Park is runner's bliss. Enjoy the rest of your Olympic visit.



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