February 5, 2012

Latest Obsessions

I tend to get on a kick with something I love and can't get enough. Here's what I'm adoring lately.


They say eggs are nature's perfect food, but they're also incredibly delicious and can be made so many ways. Eggs are actually a long-term obsession of mine, but since I consumed more than a dozen this week and have tried a few new preparations, they are at the top of my list.

Soft-boiled (left), Inside avocado slice (middle & right)


Even when slightly under ripe, there are few things better than a mango. Living in New York City I'm a bit spoiled since sliced mango can be found at just about any deli or fruit market throughout the summer. But winter is another story. So when my local market suddenly had a surplus of mangoes I bought one and braved the process of cutting it up myself. Thanks to Alton Brown's simple method, I've been enjoying freshly cut mango all week.


(See egg photo above) Avocados are simply amazing. Mashed, sliced with a little sea salt and hot sauce, on salad, in smoothies, cubed up on top of just about anything, I could eat avocados every day. They are incredibly nutrient dense and contain a good dose of healthy fat. I do moderate the amount I eat for overall calorie control, but absolutely love them for all of the goodness they contain.


Before you think my brain is only on food, I am so in love with Pinterest. I spent hours this weekend looking at beautiful photos of beautiful things, mostly food of course.

Last week's training was a struggle. It was one of those weeks where I had to scramble to fit it all in and went from feeling amazing in one workout to miserable in the next. I skipped a swim, but we all know I'm not too torn up about it. I'm supposed to rest on Sundays but haven't yet this month so today I followed the schedule and rested. I already feel more balanced.


  1. those look yummy and different! I have started mixing a raw egg white into my oatmeal when it comes off the stove as an extra protein push. I also made my own version of fried rice with my favorite brown rice and veggie mix (way more veggies then rice) - I keep it in individual serving sizes in the fridge. I then take one out and get a pan HOT, add the rice and 1-2 egg whites .

    1. I'll have to try the rice, sounds great! Good idea to add to oatmeal as well. I love to have a poached egg on top of plain steel cut oats with salt and pepper. My favorite!

  2. ahhh i love all of these things! avocado + egg is a combo i'm wondering why i hadn't thought of yet. will have to try soon! and welcome to pinterest, yet another wonderful way to waste time, but i love it : )

  3. I LOVE eggs! I never thought of putting them on an avocado. But now it's pretty much all I'm thinking about!!!

    Thanks for the advice on the butt trainer situation! I'll definitely be trying that this morning!!!

  4. I love all of the above too. Mmm mangoes and avos! Now I must find you on pinterest. So addicting.

  5. Woah, egg and avocado explosion. I have been making breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, Salsa, avocado, and black beans stuffed into a flour Tortilla. Yum!

  6. COULD eat avo's everyday? thats me right NOW! especially with hot sauce....that egg avo exlosions looks just amazing



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