March 5, 2012

Perfect Day

Almost any vacation day is wonderful, but some are simply better than others. I'm in Italy again and have never felt more charmed to spend so much time in this incredible country. I'm way up north this time, in the Italian Alps in the region called Lombardia. When in the Alps, one must ski, so today I put on my first pair of skis ever and braved the slopes as a slightly uncoordinated 36-year old. It was hard, it was exciting, and then it got easier. But most of all it was fun. Silly, child-like, beautiful fun. I need more of this in life.

Then the day advanced to another level of perfection with a full afternoon at Bagni Vecchi, the ancient Roman baths and thermal springs spa nestled in the mountains. We floated in Roman baths dating from 1BC, enjoyed a panoramic view from a naturally warm outdoor pool with snowflakes drifting around us, enjoyed various thermal pools and waterfalls, aromatherapy saunas and relaxation rooms, icy cold plunge pools, a Turkish mud soak and a swim through a natural cave.

The Italians have perfected the art of fine living and I'm enjoying every moment of it. La Vita e

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  1. Actually sounds really, really nice! Good for you!



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