March 20, 2012

Ups and Downs

This has been a challenging year. My schedule was rough and stress was high, but it was wiped by a much-needed vacation. Italy was beyond amazing. I literally felt like a different person when I came back, plus learning to ski reminded me that I can still try and conquer new things. But I arrived home to a situation more difficult than I could ever have imagined and the resulting setback was overwhelming. I went from being about as happy as I could have imagined to feeling utterly devastated. Add jet lag and an emergency vet situation with Otis into the mix and I pretty much hit rock bottom.

The most surprising thing was that for the first time during distress, I couldn't turn to training as an escape. I tried. But each time I tried I had so little energy that I could barely push through. I was achy, tired, slow. Most days I lacked the energy to get off the couch. So I had to let it go and focus on helping Otis recover (he's doing much better), work, sleep and dealing with police and insurance issues.

But after a week I am feeling much better and am ready to ease back in. I can't imagine what I've lost fitness-wise, but I honestly don't care. Life is full of ups and downs and you can't always be up. Hopefully I'm on my way back and won't be down again for awhile.


  1. so sorry to hear about the setbacks. as usual, however, i admire you're attitude toward the situation and your training. i hope otis is better soon and i'll be sending positive vibes your way. hang in there!

  2. glad you were able to get away for a vacation! i've been crazy busy at work (and of course had my health problems outside of work) so haven't been able to get that relaxing vacation myself (jealous, italy!!)

    i like how you ended this - so what, we've lost some fitness. we'll get it back. life is meant to be enjoyed, not spent obsessing about running stats!



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