March 18, 2013

Operation SJ, Update and Race Calendar

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Wow, I've been busy. It's time for an update on my Operation St. John progress, finishing another training block, and my race calendar slowly, but surely, coming together.

Operation St. John has been a success thus far. I did a full two weeks without drinking and while I missed having wine in the evenings, it really wasn't as hard as I anticipated. We even went out a few times and managed to eat oysters without a crisp white wine! I continue to clean up my eating and the result is five pounds lost in three weeks. It feels like a healthy progression and my clothes fit better, so I'm thrilled. I'm also thrilled to be able to enjoy wine again in moderation.

My training has progressed, but is about to start feeling more real. I had my most consistent block yet this past month with only a handful of missed workouts. My running is very strong and seems to get better every time. After four challenging, injury-laden years it feels good to be on the upswing. My cycling has all been indoors, focusing on hard intervals. I love it. I can definitely feel an increase in my fitness. We won't talk about my swimming.

My race calendar is coming together. I finally pulled the trigger on the Rev3 half in Quassy, which I hear is brutally hilly, which is somehow appealing to me. It's what I call Type 2 Fun - it's not fun when you're actually doing it, but it's fun when you look back on it. I know a lot of great people racing and am hoping it will give me a kick in the butt to start training more seriously. June is not that far away.

Lastly, I had a chance to meet "The Man" himself, six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott at the Tri-Mania NYC expo*. He was so friendly, humble and normal it's hard to believe he's such a legend. I was slightly embarrassed to talk about the sport with him as if we were peers!

*Tri-Mania NYC Summit and Expo was a client


  1. "Type 2 fun" - Love that! I have a couple races that come to mind in that category. Definitely not PRs but they rank high on memories chart.

    Dave Scott! How cool!

    PRP question for you. I was able to find your post about getting the PRP treatment, but I couldn't find any wrapup with your final thoughts about it. Maybe I just missed it, but I am wondering if you felt it was worth it in the end? I have a friend suffering with PF and is looking for additional treatments.

    1. I never did an official wrap-up post, but the results are sprinkled all through November and December of 2009. So in a nutshell, I think the PRP was incredibly helpful and would absolutely do it again for a similar injury. You have to do your research since it doesn't work for everything, but with PF there seemed to be a high success rate, so I took a chance and paid dearly for it (PRP does not come cheaply). I had just gotten out of my walker boot when I had the injection in early November, and had to temporarily go back into it. The pain immediately following the treatment is excruciating and there is a recovery period. I think I was in the boot for another 2-3 weeks, but near the end of that time, I was able to walk a 5K with my mom and dad and when you consider I couldn't walk at all prior to the injection, I was elated. I started running in January and was fully trained for my first Ironman by July - just 10 months after tearing the PF. So if other treatments have failed, I'd say it's worth a try. I'm not sure I would have done PRP had I not actually torn my PF, but it certainly helped me heal and ultimately get back to normal. Have your friend email me if they want, I'm happy to share more on the experience!

    2. Thanks a ton! I passed this along to her along with your website. I have a feeling cost could be a hindrance for her but she could get lucky with insurance I guess. And, she is definitely not at the level of injury you were at.

      Thanks again! And here's to an injury-free 2013 (and beyond)!

  2. How cool is that, meeting Dave Scott

    For Christmas, my mom got me the book the "Iron War" about the battle of Dave Scott and Mark Allen. When I opened the gift, she said "Your old swim coach is in that book" Little did I know, when I was a kid from 13-16, Mark Allen was my swim coach for my local swim team, that is my brief encounter with a legend and I didnt even know about it till way later



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