March 27, 2013

Mom Surprise, Russell Crowe and 24 Courses

My sister and her husband gave me a nice surprise: a ticket to DC for a weekend escape. I took the usual Friday 3pm flight that lands just in time to take the Metro to Veritas, a wine bar in Dupont Circle where we traditionally start our DC weekend fun. As I approached the bar I could see my sister and her husband in the window, but the other half of the table was out of sight. I walked into the bar and rounded the corner and realized there was a third person with them - my mom. She had flown in from Wisconsin the night before to surprise me, and surprised I was.

And to top it off, they were giving away free Les Mis coasters, which for me meant free Russel Crowe coasters (or Russell Crowesters, if you prefer).

I enjoyed my coasters so much I tweeted about them and Russell Crowe himself retweeted me. It was certainly a social media highlight for me.

Saturday I awoke with a tiny hangover, but battled it at the Equinox in Bethesda, justifying my exhorbitant monthly membership cost. I picked up some heavy things, did a massive number of squats and lunges, and hit the salt water pool that other members of the gym seemed to know nothing about. It was empty and glorious. Then we were off for a drink with a view with a former client and now friend of mine that I keep bumping into during our travels!

But the highlight of the weekend was dinner Saturday night at Rogue 24. There were a couple options for dining, but we went for the full monty and 24 courses. It was worth the four-hour investment of time and relatively large investment of cash. I knew words would fail me in describing it, especially days later, so here is a little photo montage of our "Journey," as they call it on the menu. If you're in DC and you want an unforgettable dining experience, go to Rogue 24. You will not regret it. And better yet, invite me to go with you.

Even though I thought I could not ingest another morsel, we managed to rally on Sunday with a chilly-weather BBQ with my dear friend Keely. I haven't seen her since our incredible adventure in Egypt, and I got to meet her absolutely darling daughter.

We had a final dinner on Sunday to toast our incredible weekend and start the sad process of goodbyes. I made New York my home 15 years ago and have loved it, but not a day goes by I don't miss my family. Weekends like this are absolutely priceless.

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  1. Moms are the best, have her surprise you must have been the best part of it all!!



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