March 2, 2013

Operation St. John - It's On

Two of my favorite people in the world got married last April on St. John and decided to spend their first anniversary there as well.

I was thoroughly touched when they invited me to join them, but also thoroughly horrified over the thought of being in a swimsuit in 7 weeks. When one does almost nothing active for 15 months AND eats and drinks like a king, it takes a toll.

Drastic measures had to be taken. Here's what I did:
  • Stopped drinking. I know, it's shocking. I had a big, fun night out in DC Saturday with many wines and that was it. Aside from one pre-planned allowance of wine Thursday I've been a teetotaler. My nightly glass(es) of wine have been replaced by seltzer or plain water.
  • Stopped skipping my workouts. Again, shocking. I even went to the pool. I had to move a few workouts due to schedule, but overall have adopted a no excuses mentality.
  • Stopped eating sugar. Aside from some dark chocolate covered almonds and a bit of a stress binge on dark chocolate chips yesterday, I've been sugar free.
  • Greatly minimized my consumption of grains. I love wheat. I know I shouldn't eat it, but I do. But this week I only had 1.5 whole wheat English muffins, some panko crumbs and a small serving of egg pasta from Piedmont. Oh, and I did have some biscuits during a business meeting, but trust me, they were worth every flaky, carby calorie.
The week isn't over, but I already look and feel better. I'm less bloated and down about 3 pounds. I really don't feel like I've given anything up and being super busy helps. The teetotaling plan was originally through March 8, but I may extend it. I have a business trip to Sonoma on the 10th so I'm sure I'll have a glass or two then, but will continue to limit overall consumption and keep following the above plan. With a little luck I'll be down 10 (or more) pounds before I visit this glorious place.


  1. Sounds like a good plan! If you are looking for a cute AND flattering AND cheap one piece, check out this at Old Navy --

    I have a couple from last year and I love the way it looks - very "retro"/

  2. Didnt you just get a job with a start up wine company?

    I like your plan, I use fruit to satify my sweet tooth cravings

    1. Yes, I did! It's been a wild ride, but I couldn't be happier. I also eat a lot of fruit, but sometimes I just have to have chocolate!



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