November 18, 2008

The Day my Blog Died

When I started this blog, I thought I might post every few days. Then my type A self took over and I felt compelled to post every day. But I enjoyed it. I had the time and I actually looked forward to it.

Then I crashed my bike and post after post became an outlet for my frustration and disappointment. Then my training thinned out. But I still had the marathon.

Now that the marathon is over, I am sad to say that my blog has died. This is a temporary death since I have the Ironman coming up, but it's still a very disappointing death. This blog is not personal. It has never been about me - who I really am, what my "real" life is like, what I do outside of triathlon. It's a training blog. It's about what it has taken for me to go from lazy to triathlete, to sub-4 marathoner and hopefully, to Ironman. So when I hit the "off season" after achieving that sub-4, I no longer had content for the blog. And that's how it died.

I'm not training, but I am busy. Work is taking a lot of time and as a consultant, that is a good thing. And life is very full. I'm moving to Brooklyn after 11 years in Manhattan so in many ways, I'm discovering an entirely new way of living. That takes time, just like training for a triathlon or a marathon. And while I can't log that time, it's just as much work. Hopefully I'll be able to ease back into the training without too much protest from my inner lazy marathoner.

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