November 7, 2008

Different Strokes

Since I'm still not running, I decided to give swimming another try. I wanted to sleep in, but needed to be in the pool no later than 9:20 since it closes at 10. Or so I thought. When they didn't kick us out at 10, I realized it's open until noon on Fridays. Oh well. At least I was up and would have a more productive day.

I was able to swim faster today and with minimal shoulder pain, but my stroke just isn't right. I'm not balanced properly and I can't get my left elbow up enough to avoid hitting the water with my palm on entry. And today my position was off, too. Some days I feel like I'm gliding effortlessly on the surface of the water (note: not very often) and other days I feel like I have the buoyancy of a rock. Today I was a rock.

But I'm not stressing over it. I'm just getting started again and it's going to take work and patience. If it doesn't start coming back to me after a month or so, I'll schedule a couple sessions with the coach again. For now I'll just keep trying and be thankful my arm works again.

Distance - 1800 yards
Time - 37:37

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