November 5, 2008

Road to Recovery

I've had a pretty slow week, which is to be expected after a marathon. I woke up on Monday feeling pretty decent. I slept in my new 2XU compression tights so my legs didn't hurt as much as usual. I was able to walk down stairs comfortably and had a spring in my step. I saw a guy on the subway who could barely get UP the stairs let alone down. I was feeling rather smug.

But then I sat at work all day and my legs swelled up like balloons. I was so puffy by the end of the day that my ankles had ceased to exist. I couldn't wait to get home and get back into my tights. I was also on a steady diet of Aleve and Advil.

Tuesday was a bit better, but horribly painful. It's always a little worse the second day so I wasn't surprised. I decided to wear my compression socks to work so thank god for knee high boots. I threw on a dress, put some leggings over the socks, put on the boots and was on my way. Only I knew I was compressing all day.

Aside from walking and stretching, I haven't been able to do much this week. So today I decided to get moving again. My legs feel 90% better, almost back to normal except for some residual stiffness. I figured a swim would be a nice start so I made my first trip to the pool in a month. It was only the second time swimming with my bad arm and the first time was major frustration so I planned to just take it easy. It wasn't as bad as I expected. My balance is terrible and it's making it hard to maintain a good body position in the water, but my stroke seems to be OK. My shoulder protested after a half mile so I did the final set with some kicking mixed in to give it a break. I was able to do 1350 yards without gasping for air and having to take massive breaks so I was happy. Small steps.

I may attempt a run tomorrow. I feel like you're not fully recovered until you can start running again. Those first steps are never fun, but you have to get back out there eventually.

I'm planning to post some pictures over the next few days as well. Unfortunately I don't have any of me actually running the race, but I'm sure Brightroom caught a few. I'm hoping there will be at least one or two that aren't totally embarrassing, but as race photos tend to go, there are no guarantees.

Distance - 1,350 yards
Time - 30:33

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