April 6, 2010

Where's Kristin?

Well folks, it seems my life is much fuller and much busier than it was last season. Regardless of how good my intentions are, I just can't fit blogging into my daily schedule. I think there are a few reasons for this. First, I grew tired of rehashing the day's training after awhile even though I feel I always tried to capture the more unusual moments that are not often shared. I'm also working longer hours and don't want to spend my few precious moments of free evening time staring at the computer for even a minute longer than need be. And as I've shared before, I'm prioritizing my friends and relationships this year, which means a night free from training almost always means social plans.

All of this is very fulfilling and makes me happy, but I do miss the blog. Perhaps I can find a way to fit it in. I could be more succinct, maybe focus on just one thing each day and forget the rest. When I look back at this past week and the experiences I wasn't able to share I realize there were some important ones in my training. Here is the abridged version of what's been shaking in my world:

New Injury - Ok, maybe injury is a stretch but I angered my right calf and it's caused severe pain in the back of my knee. It started after my speedy run with the tri club... that's what you get for showboating. It's in the leg opposite my old injury, the leg that has been threatening to be the next victim. By Friday it was pretty severe so my coach pulled my long run and had me take the weekend off. Better safe than sorry. I'm easing back in and doing tons of foam rolling so all seems to be under control for now.

Season Opener - I finally got my bike out of New York City for the first time this season on Saturday. I rode solo and it was intended to be an easy 45 miles, but something happened that has never happened before making the ride a huge challenge. About 15 miles in I had the sudden onset of severe pain in my left temple and within moments it reached migraine proportions. I felt nauseated and weak and had to back off the intensity. I made it to my re-fueling point where I procured a cookie (just in case it was blood sugar related) and some advil for good measure. I waited about 10 minutes and hit the road. I didn't want it to progress and be stuck 20 miles North of the city with no way back. I made it home but had to ride at really diminished capacity. Everything was miserable. I think it was just bad luck, I was fine after the advil and some rest.

In closing, I share this delicious photo of the pie I made for Easter dinner Sunday. Trust me when I say it tasted as good as it looks. I chose lemon meringue since it's too early in Spring for any seasonal fruits and too late for my usual favorites like bourbon pecan. I squeezed tons of lemons and grated a lot of zest but it was worth it. The recipe is here if anyone wants to replicate!


  1. I've missed your posts, but understand how blogging can become yet another chore in your busy day. Hope you're finding a nice balance between training and other forms of fun. Let me know if you plan on making your way back to the midwest this year - maybe we could hook up for a ride/run?

  2. glad all is well with you. i have been struggling finding something to talk about... even though i am still running and all. no motivation/energy to actually blog! i feel like i'm boring now :) it is important to make time for friends/family - sometimes we can get too caught up in running/training.

    your pie looks delish!!



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