July 10, 2011

My Crazy June

I'm having a hard time believing it's not only July, but nearly halfway through it. A lot of bloggers posted a half-year summary and I thought about doing the same, but at the pace I'm moving these days I'd be lucky to get it up before November. So instead I'm reflecting on June, the month that passed by in a flash and left me utterly exhausted, but included some really incredible experiences:
  • Traveled more in one month than ever before
  • Did my first tri of the year
  • Celebrated my birthday three times
  • Joined friends in Wisconsin for a ride
  • Left the country
  • Got tear gassed
  • Departed for vacation (well technically I departed in July...)

June 3-6 - San Francisco/Escape From Alcatraz

Race finish... I promise someday the report will be posted

June 10 and 11 - My first two birthday celebrations!

Beer garden before birthday dinner June 10

Birthday dinner June 11

June 17-20 - Wisconsin/Horribly Hilly Hundreds/third birthday celebration

With Laura at HHH, first rest stop before the real misery

With my nephew for birthday celebration #3

June 23-29 - Athens, Greece (and the tear gassing)

With colleagues and bloggers at the Parthenon

My volume suffered terribly and I was essentially a shell of myself by the time I left for vacation, but I used the week off to get re-energized and prepared for the big volume July will bring. I'm a little concerned about how undertrained I'll be for Ironman Wisconsin, but I've done it under far worse circumstances so I'm sure I'll be ok. I'm not aiming for a PR and will be racing with my friends from IMWI 2009 so it will be great regardless. For now I'm just hoping July remains as tranquil as it began... a girl can dream, right?


  1. you had quite a busy month, but it looks like it was full of lots of great stuff! can't believe we're halfway through the year...

  2. Tear gassed? There is an interesting mark you can check off on your resume of life! LOL!

    Yes, July is gonna be a big month for ya.

    I am putting the bike away after Placid, but I am hoping to continue running in August if you ever need a long distance running partner. Still gotta keep the running up for NYC in November.

  3. crazy busy! but fantastic attitude and approach...youll do great

  4. Lots of smiles in June (aside from the tear gas!!) - hoping July is even smilier!!



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