September 12, 2011

Short and Sweet - Fourth Ironman Finish

Yesterday was a really incredible day on the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin course. I finished my fourth Ironman in 24 months and loved every (painful) moment of it. Ironman is really hard, but nothing could make you feel more alive. It wasn't my best race from a time standpoint, but having to fight so hard for the finish made it so meaningful.

More details to come, but in the meantime, once again... I am an Ironman. And for that I am incredibly grateful.


  1. So excited that you finished again. Loved your comment about it making you feel alive, goes perfectly with the speech I wrote and am posting on my blog tomorrow! You should check it out! ;)

  2. Congratulations girl, woohooo!!! Number 4 is incredible! Looking forward to reading your RR. Hope the PF was kept at bay for you!!

  3. Awesome job Kristin! Can't wait to hear the details

  4. Congratulations, Ironman x4!! You are an inspiration!!

  5. Congrats on IM finish #4!!
    what a day

    I actually saw you twice - first at T1 I was on the ledge waiting for friends of mine & saw you, yelled your name and you turned to look over...I was worried I made you miss your row!

    After my aid station shift I was on my mtn bike and saw you on the bike path coming back from the inspiration board turnaround spot. I was the guy solo on the grass with hardly anyone else around

    you looked great!

    I saw a pic and mention of the firefighter wearing the gear on the IMWI coverage blog...I think you also make the cut? Is that your pic three quarters of the way down doing a practice swim the day before?

    congrats again!


  6. Congrats again! It was so good to see you again.

    Could not agree more with this: "Ironman is really hard, but nothing could make you feel more alive."

    Enjoy your recovery and let that foot heal up :)

  7. WOW, congratulations! I just finished my first tri and I can not even imagine what it feels like to cross the line as an IRONMAN!



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