January 22, 2012

Apps for Goals

I recently posted my 2012 goals, most of which rely on my own accountability for progress, but I've also found a couple iPhone apps to be incredibly helpful and wanted to share.

My "Less Sugar Better Eating" Goal + My "Drink More Water Goal"

I've been using the Livestrong app for about a year now to learn portion sizes, understand the calories I take in vs. expend through training, and make better choices. The database is extensive so it's easy to find most of the foods you eat. A recent update added the ability to track water consumed as well, so it's now supporting two of my goals.

An added bonus is a progress tracker that charts weight gain and loss. This is what January has looked like for me so far, a 7.2 pound overall loss.

My "Sleep More" Goal

I love sleep, possibly more than anything else in life. When I'm not getting it I feel horrible overall, so the push to sleep more consistently has been a good one, albeit challenging. I started using the Sleep Cycle app this week, which is a unique alarm app that wakes you when you're most prepared to wake up vs. at a specific time. You sleep with the phone in your bed and it detects movement, thus knowing when you are in a deep sleep cycle. It will wake you in a 30-minute window of your set time, so if you set the alarm for 7am, but have been stirring a bit at 6:30, it may start waking you gradually earlier. It also charts your sleep and shows an average over time. I'm a data geek so I just love this.

Now if only I could find an app that makes me love trainer rides and swimming. I'll have to call Apple and request that.

Do you have tricks or tools to help keep you on track?
What are your favorite training and fitness apps?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Ok, that sleep app is a BIT over the top! Just a tiny bit though ;)

  2. Yay for the weightloss... I totally need that app! And I love that sleep one. Hum... off to app shop!

  3. nice weight loss!
    u r on it!

    since I am terrible at tracking anything I have no tricks or apps...just the step-on-the-scale in the morning trick:)



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