January 17, 2012

Starting From Nothing

Even though I'm no stranger to injuries and setbacks I remain amazed by the feeling of starting over and fighting your way back to the fitness you once had. My last significant athletic achievement was covering 140.6 miles at Ironman Wisconsin, yet four months later I can't compete in a 5K. Despite the frustration that comes with injury, the little victories in the comeback become incredibly rewarding milestones. Tonight I managed to run 4.02 miles in 40 minutes and was nearly reduced to tears of joy. A run like this was a warm-up a few months ago, but today it was a huge accomplishment. I would prefer to do without the pain, disappointment and frustration of injuries but I'm also thankful for the fresh perspective. I think in the end it will make me more forgiving of my body, my limitations and my potential.

Week two wrapped up on Sunday and I'm pleased with the progress. I had two minor issues - a very late night at work forcing a missed bike test and a strange, sharp bicep pain forcing a short swimming hiatus (oh darn...). Here are the numbers:
  • Swim - 3,500 yards, 1:30:00 (2 workouts)
  • Bike - 50.08 miles, 3:15:00 (3 workouts)
  • Run - 9.97 miles, 1:40:00 (3 workouts)
  • Strength - 30:00 (1 workout)
This week has its own challenges, but to quote Jordan Rapp,"Adversity is one of those things that truly implants a memory in our brain... You do an Ironman because you want to reach the stars. And you want to do it the hard way. Because that is what makes it special."


  1. great job! I agree with the change in how you see it...last March I ran a marathon. Today I was excited to easily complete 2 miles.

  2. Welcome back to training Kristin!

  3. I know that was a huge accomplishment Kristin! Keep your head up and welcome back! :)

  4. Don't sound so disappointed about the bicep pain :)

    Welcome back to training!

  5. You're not starting from nothing. You're starting with a huge mental edge: the knowledge of what your body is capable of once you've trained up to it and get past your injuries.

    Nice week!



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