June 18, 2009

Travel Delay

I took the day off work today to travel to Wisconsin. I ended up packing all morning and leaving for the airport around 1:00 in the pouring rain. I got soaked loading my bike and tons of gear into the car and sat in traffic that crawled at a snail's pace all the way to LaGuardia. Check in took forever because I was disputing the price tag Delta placed on checking my bike - $175 plus the $25 I already paid for it being my second bag. It only weighed 32 pounds but they measured it and it was marginally oversized so it allowed them to slap me with an astronomical fee. Ridiculous. I've been flying Delta forever and think this will be the last time I deliberately choose them. There is no excuse for charging that much for luggage.

Just as I settled in at the gate they announced my flight was canceled. So I sat at an empty gate and called Delta to rebook, hoping I could get out later tonight. They informed me I was already rebooked on a flight Friday afternoon, arriving in Madison at 10 p.m. Clearly that wouldn't work because it would mean I would miss the HHH. They offered me a refund and I tried to rebook on another airline, but the fare literally went up while I was on the phone and this trip just wasn't worth $1,000. I was starting to accept that it wasn't going to work when I decided to try Delta one more time. I asked them to look at Chicago, Milwaukee and other surrounding cities and they finally found something that worked. I am now rebooked at 6:05 a.m. tomorrow to Milwaukee and the bike shop in Madison can still fit me in if all goes well. I really hope tomorrow goes more smoothly.

I came home and ran to help shake the bad day I'd had. The run was great, it was my first since Sunday in Lake Placid so my legs felt good and I had a lot of energy. I'm really excited about how I've recovered this week. The lower volume and intensity was perfect given the work and life committments I was also juggling. I think I'll feel ready to go on Saturday. How I'll feel Sunday is another story.

Distance - 5.1 miles
Time - 42:07

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  1. Between the security weenies making life miserable for everybody in the airport, and screwups (screwovers!) like that, I wonder that anybody goes anywhere by air anymore. Well, I guess if you're going to Kona, you have to fly.



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