July 14, 2009


I'm still planning to post all the details from Sunday's race but am simply too tired to do so tonight. After 10 hours of sleep Sunday night I woke up still feeling tired in that heavy, fatigued sort of way. I had to return my rental car and walk about .75 miles home and my legs felt really good. I was thinking I'd run all sorts of errands, clean my apartment, maybe get a massage, but once I got home and planted myself on the couch, I had no desire to go anywhere or do anything. I just rested and I can't remember the last time I did that.

My legs stiffened up as the day went on so I did some stretching and took the rolling pin to them. A friend recommended it as an alternative to The Stick and it felt surprisingly good. It applies a different sort of pressure, not quite as intense as The Stick and more spread out. I figured I won't be baking pies anytime soon so this gives my rolling pin new life as a tri training tool.

I started some recovery training today as part of a four day recovery block. It started with rest yesterday, continued with an easy swim and easy bike today, another short swim tomorrow and a short run on Thursday. Then I will jump back into semi-normal training on Friday before hitting it hard again this weekend. I was dead tired after seven hours of sleep but dragged my sleepy self to the pool. I was late so I had to cut the swim short, but I really didn't care. I felt so slow and heavy, like I was swimming through jello. My pace was slow even though it felt like a moderate effort. It got me thinking about how trashed I'm going to feel after the Ironman. People talk about how they go to run three miles and can barely make it. I'm not looking forward to that.

The bike isn't even worth talking about. It is so hard to go from a 70.3 race to the trainer. When I got on the bike and saw the race time still on my computer and looked at the gear I was in, it took me back to Sunday and made me feel sad. I can't wait to race again. Ironman Wisconsin needs to just get here already!

Distance - 1,800 yards
Time - 35:52

Distance - 10.66 miles
Time - 45:00

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