April 15, 2011

Olympic Experience

Once again, but on a much smaller scale, the Olympics took over my life and forced a short break in my training. I had one day running and two days rest on the calendar during my trip to the USOC headquarters and that's exactly what I did. During the two down days I did a tremendous amount of work, but also got to meet several former and future Olympians as well as the mothers of some of the most amazing athletes, including Taylor Phinney, David Oliver and Henry Cejudo (also met Henry and he was one of the most personable, sincere, amazing people I have ever met). I also got to participate in some Olympics fun. Here are the highlights:

Fencing, won my match!

Took second place in rifle shooting, I'm a natural.

Just look at the intensity... and the pink nails.

Gymnasts jump into deep piles of square foam blocks, so fun!

Olympic torch relay, only ours ended with a champagne toast rather than world-class sports.

I arrived home at 2am last night and slept half of today. I am definitely off schedule and not at 100%, but 1.5 hours on the bike helped set me right. After a big weekend of training I'll be almost back to normal minus the pool... well actually, that is normal.


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  2. Seriously your rifle stance does look natural...a la Charlies Angels!

    the gymnast foam blocks looks awesome


  3. Cool Stuff! So did you meet Taylor Phinney or his mom? She is an Olympian as well, right?

  4. this looks like fun! just curious, what kind of work do you do that involves you in the olympics?

  5. That is awesome!! Fencing and rifle shooting?? Note to self: Keep Kristin happy! :) haha



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