April 25, 2011

Season Opener and Another Week

I did my first real ride of the season this past weekend and it was on the Ironman Lake Placid course. It was a fitting start... 45 miles with nearly 3,000 feet of climbing and a stiff headwind for much of it. But despite the challenges, I loved every moment. There are few places I love riding more so starting my year there was perfect.

After a pretty big week of training where I not only hit every workout but did a little extra, I had a very relaxing weekend. But first...

The Numbers:

  • Swim - 5,600 yards, 1:47:30
  • Bike - 93.95 miles, 6:18:06
  • Run - 16.64 miles, 2:38:12
And now for the weekend. I had the immense pleasure of staying at The Whiteface Lodge for the third time, a place that personifies heaven. I slept in, went for an incredible run around Mirror Lake (which was frozen, by the way!), soaked in a big jacuzzi tub, had a massage and went to a wine tasting dinner in a gorgeous house overlooking Lake Placid. Sunday included the ride, a late and leisurely lunch, a nap by the fire and smores before heading back to reality.

I feel great about the training and how my body is responding. I'm also energized and excited by it, which was something I worried about heading into my third season of long course and another year of two Ironmans. This week is a rest week and it took every bit of restraint to stick to the plan and not ride tonight with friends. We'll see how the rest of the week goes...


  1. NICE job with the workouts; I just am so impressed by you IM people and how you make it all work.

    Was thinking of you today with my still aching heel... grr!!! YOu give me hope!!!

  2. nice job on the workouts this week! i've just kicked off my tri training, and while i'm a total newbie, i'm hoping to work up to similar numbers eventually. you give me something to work towards! your weekend sounds like pure heaven, btw : )

  3. I can't wait to get up there! I am heading up May 22nd.

    P.S. Where is the best place with the best red wine list in Placid?

  4. Nice ride! 3000ft of climbing?!?! You are going to have some mad biking skills this year.

  5. what a weekend! and great training...sounds like you have it goin on and thats a great thing!


  6. Ohhhh I'm so jealous! You are a machine - great numbers!

    I dont think I'll make it there before race weekend.

    You still swam in the lake right? :)

  7. Great job with all of the workouts! I love hearing your enthusiasm! :)

    That weekend retreat sounds amazing... massages, hot tubs, wine, smores - what more can a girl want?



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