May 3, 2009

Nowhere I'd Rather Be

Sometimes when I'm out training on the weekends I think about what everyone else is doing. They are at cafes and bars with friends enjoying brunch or drinks, they are shopping, sitting in parks or relaxing at home. And while I definitely have moments where I don't feel like training, most of the time, there really is nowhere else I'd rather be.

I had a hard time getting motivated to do my short brick today. It was pouring rain so I was in for 25 miles on the trainer. This would normally take me up to two hours based on my slower than normal averages on the trainer. But today something just clicked. After a slow warmup I decided to try a little harder than usual and pushed the pace as much as I could while keeping my heart rate relatively low. I ended up having my fastest ride yet and couldn't have felt better. I realized I could be trying a lot harder on the bike and have been letting so much hold me back. I doubt I'm ready to go outside and ride as fast, but I'm getting there.

By the time I started running, the rain was at its hardest. Sometimes I despise running in the rain and other times I like it. Today I really liked it. I've been avoiding the Brooklyn Heights Promenade due to the crowds of people usually there but today I had it all to myself. It was perfect.

Distance - 25 miles
Time - 1:13:01

Distance - 3.01 miles
Time - 24:29


  1. Great job on pushing it harder on the trainer and then going out to run in the rain!

  2. See, more proof that the hard work is paying off - you should be so proud of yourself. It's time for a new moniker - you stopped being "lazy" a long time ago.

  3. great blog, saturday's rain are the best.



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