October 4, 2009

Back in the Proverbial Saddle

Three weeks ago this very moment I was somewhere around Mile 20 of the marathon in my Ironman, digging deep within my soul looking for the drive to keep moving forward. I was in pain and my body was failing me, but my spirit was not. I had just told my parents that I would finish and I didn't care if it took me until midnight, I was on a mission to do so. Fast forward three weeks and my life couldn't be more different. I went from warp speed to no speed. I was training 20+ hours a week and now I'm lucky if I break four. On one hand, this is the best thing I could be doing. On the other hand, it's a hard pill to swallow. Over the past several months I've started to identify myself first and foremost as an athlete so this is very new territory for me. However, I know my body needs a break. I've asked the world of it and I'm going to be asking even more in 2010. So I'm not stressing and I'm enjoying the down time for what it is.

After a 2.5 week slump, I had a good talk with my coach about the future and about what to expect from my first offseason in long course. Just talking about 2010 filled me with energy and once I had a grasp on what role today and the next several days play, I was ready to get started again. That night I got on the bike and I stuck to my schedule each day after. I deviated today due to mechanical issues with my bike, but I have a bit of a grace period left so I took advantage. I'll take the schedule seriously, but I'll remain open to shifting for life opportunities. I only have three months of off season after all.

Wednesday - Biking
Distance - 14.68 miles
Time - 1:00:00

Thursday - Swimming
Distance - 1,150 yards
Time - 21:29

Friday - Biking
Distance - 15.60 miles
Time - 1:00:00

Saturday - Swimming
Distance - 1,400 yards
Time - 27:02


  1. 2010 here we come baby! Enjoy the offseason but keep your eye on the prize.

  2. Keep healing and remember that you asked a lot of your body ! let 'er heal ! and 2010 sounds like it's going to be a great year for you :)

  3. welcome back :) the triathlon sirens have been calling

  4. I'm glad that you're being good to yourself, K - now's the time to let things heal up. (And have some fun). You'll have plenty of training down the road.



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