May 13, 2008

Break Time

Well, I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to sleep in and rest up today, but the day didn't go quite as planned. I had been a little sick for a couple days, but chose to ignore it rather than rest when my body was clearly telling me to. So I finally paid for it and the little sick became a lot sick so I barely slept last night and barely got off the couch today. On one hand, this counts as rest, but on the other, it's another setback that will make jumping into my training this week a bit more challenging. The only endurance activity I managed to engage in was watching almost the entire season six of Sex & the City. I figured it would be good to have the refresher before the movie comes out this month. I saved the final two episodes for tomorrow since I'll hopefully feel better and only have time for that.

So tomorrow will be another day of rest and recovery. I'm thinking of biking on Wednesday, weather permitting, and my first day of Tri training is Thursday. Our Thursday sessions will be focused on running and I'm assuming the first one won't be terribly challenging (I hope). Until then, I'll keep resting and try to get my strength back. I guess there's nothing wrong with that.

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