May 29, 2008

No Need For Speed

As promised, I went to the pool this morning to see if my breakthrough continued. While I wasn't magically transformed into Michael Phelps, I'm pleased to say that I am continuing to improve and feel as though I'm on the verge of breaking through a barrier. I wasn't as winded as before and while I'm still pausing between each lap, my breaks are getting much shorter. In an effort to keep moving, I alternated with kicking drills to catch my breath and change my focus. I also did several laps of the 10/10 drill that I've been finding so helpful. This has allowed me to improve tremendously in a short amount of time.

But I think the most important thing I did today was to simply slow down. I have definitely been trying to swim much faster than my ability will allow and it's wearing me out and making me uncomfortable. By slowing down, I was able to focus on my position and form, which combined with the pace, kept me from being breathless after just one lap. I am hopeful that a slower speed will actually help me build some endurance by not stopping after every 25 meters.

Since I was only able to swim one day this week, I'm planning to swim on Saturday morning. My goal is to begin reducing my rest time between laps. I need to pretend as though there is no bottom and I'm not allowed to grab onto the wall. My lazy nature has perpetuated this start-stop version of swimming for far too long and it's time to break out of it.

I was supposed to run with the training group tonight, but decided to listen to my body and take a pass. My foot was a little tight today and regardless of how much I stretched, it just didn't want to loosen up. I likely overdid it during Monday's race, but it was a race and that's what races are for. Another day of stretching should get things back to normal. I'll see how it feels and add a run either to Saturday's swim or Sunday's bike ride. It looks like I'll have a busy weekend!

Sport - Swimming
Distance - Not sure, likely around 20 laps
Time - 40:00

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