May 13, 2008

Gearing Up

On day two of resting, I decided to hit my favorite store, JackRabbit, to pick up some of the necessary gear for training and the race. I love this store. I'm actually training with JackRabbit for the NYC Triathlon as it was the only way to get into the race at this late date. Every time I walk through the door, I leave with a bag full of really cool stuff and am set back at least a couple hundred bucks. But it's worth every penny.

I was still a little tired and weak today so the two hours I spent looking at, discussing and trying on various running and triathlon gear was a workout in and of itself. I was exhausted when I finally left!

Trying on triathlon gear is a humbling experience. I swallowed my pride years ago when I put on my first pair of bike shorts and went out in public, but these outfits take "tight" to a whole new level. There is nothing left to the imagination and no way to hide the fact that you're not in great shape. Let's just say that I hope the training leads to the physical transformation everyone keeps promising before race day, otherwise, I may just leave my wetsuit on for the bike and run! But regardless of the look, a great sales guy helped me find the perfect tri suit for the race, one that is comfortable, that I can actually take a deep breath in and hopefully will be able to forget I'm wearing and just focus on the activities. Now when the event pictures come out, that's another story...

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