May 23, 2008

Time Off For Good Behavior

After nine consecutive days of training, I decided to take today off to rest. I had a very hard time sleeping last night so I was low on energy when I finally got up. I had to catch a noon train to DC as well so today felt like as good a day as any for a well-earned rest. I did, however, do my 100 bicycle crunches that I have vowed to do daily. My core is in poor form so I'm making an effort to improve it for the sake of all three sports. I don't want another batch of Brightroom event photos showing me slumped miserably near the end of a race.

Since I'm thumbing this post on my BlackBerry while on my way to DC, I'll keep it brief - something I don't do often. I spent some time on the train reading up on more swimming tips and some open water options in the NYC area. The pool is great, and I'm thankful to have found a good one near me, but I'm dying to take my new wetsuit out for a swim outdoors. I noticed on this train ride that my entire perspective of water has changed. Every time we crossed over a river or passed a lake, I realized I was evaluating them as places to swim. Some looked quite appealing while others did not. Likewise, there are very mixed opinions about swimming in the Hudson River. I have to admit it was definitely part of the allure of the NYC Triathlon, but on the flip side, it is often a frightening thought. Many people think it's disgusting that I'll be doing the swim while just as many others think it's great. It's not often you get to see New York from that point-of-view after all.

I may or may not train tomorrow, but one thing is for sure - I'll be having a great time. I'll be sure to share my wetsuit test run findings on Sunday. Just imagine the looks I will get when I stroll into an indoor heated pool wearing a big neoprene suit. I'm happy to keep entertaining my fellow swimmers.

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