May 19, 2008


As I get further into my training, there will be days where I post twice because I'll be doing two different sports in one day. I attempted that today, but unfortunately with some minor setbacks. Last fall, the neighborhood bar where I spend 3-4 days a week started a running group. Anyone who knows me knows that I love beer. This bar is quite simply the best beer bar in Manhattan and because I spend so much time there, about 90% of my friends are regulars I've met there so it's always a good time. When they started a running group, I definitely had to join. What could be better than running with good friends on a Monday night followed up with a few beers at our favorite bar?

My winter hiatus has kept me out of the group for the past five months. Since I've run a few times, I decided to re-join tonight even though I was a little tired from my attempted swim session this morning. We usually do a 40-minute run, 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, rather than set a distance so people of different abilities can start and finish together. I was feeling ok for the first mile, then was suddenly hit with stabbing foot pain after about 12 minutes. I literally couldn't take a step on it and had to stop. At this point, I was about 1.25 miles into the run so I ended up having to walk 1.25 all the way back and it was a bit cold out tonight!

I've been plagued by an injury in my left foot as I've mentioned before, but I don't believe it was the cause of tonight's setback. Because I'm still not a good swimmer, I'm straining and testing a lot of new muscles and my back has been a bit achy as a result. I don't yet know how to stretch after swimming and tonight's experience reminded me that it's time to learn. Spasms in my back caused pain down my leg, which ultimately led to tightness and pain in my foot. It's all connected and since I'm now using my entire body vs. just my legs, I need to be more aware of this.

I'm signing off to stretch the muscles I'm aware of and to read the swim stretch chapter in my triathlon book. If that doesn't put me to sleep, I don't know what will.

Sport - Attempted running
Distance - Hard to say
Time - I had a great time with great friends

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