May 28, 2008

Slightly Off Course

I haven't posted since Monday because my training has veered slightly off course. After an incredibly fun weekend in DC, which thankfully included two great runs and a successful swimming attempt, I ended up coming back to New York a day later than planned and have not yet been able to reset my training schedule.

I am a freelancer, which is why I so often have the luxury of being able to go to the pool in the morning and fit in a run or bike ride later in the day. However, I started a new project today, which required me to be in the office, so I couldn't get to the pool. I decided to take a second day off with the absolute guarantee that I will swim tomorrow morning. I also have a group training run tomorrow night so it should help set things back into motion.

Taking two days off is not the end of the world, but I won't let it happen too often. The NYC Triathlon is way too soon and I want to look back and feel like I made the right decision to take on the challenge and that I gave it my all. It won't be my last triathlon, but I need it to be something I'm proud of in the end. I have no doubt I will be.

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