November 25, 2009

Exercise Makes You Happy

I thought I'd share another interesting read from the New York Times Well blog, this one focusing on the anxiety reducing effects of exercise. As the post states, it's long been thought that exercise increases feelings of happiness, but new research shows it may also train your brain to react more calmly in situations of stress. Perhaps that's how Ironman triathletes are able to survive the chaotic mass start.

I have definitely noticed a difference in my mood and emotions since becoming significantly less active. When I look back at how I dealt with the crushing news of my injury and the potential end of my Ironman before it even began, I realize I was in a much more stable and calm emotional state. Smaller, more insignificant things really get to me now and I don't like that feeling. So if the looming 2010 season isn't enough motivation to stop being lazy, perhaps the desire to feel better - even happier - is enough.

Tomorrow morning is my big re-entry to racing with the Berbee Derby 5K in Madison. I'll be walking the race with my parents so it will be a very memorable experience. It's rather fitting that I am doing my first race here, the site of my most significant race ever. This one will be a little easier though and should earn me another bite or two of Thanksgiving treats.

1 comment:

  1. Exercise in the AM definately gets my day going in a positive way. Exercise in the PM is something to look forward to. So yeah, I would totally agree!

    I have been throwing around the idea of New Orleans, since my first big race in June is soooooo far away. New Orleans comes at time when (its warm!) and I am finishing up my base, so I'll have the volume down, just no speed. And tri bike transport caters to this race, which takes a huge pressure off of traveling down there. Oh, so many reasons to do it! A hand grenade from Bourbon Street is high up there too ;)



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