November 20, 2009

Very Brief Offseason

I feel like I just did the Ironman. I still talk about it like it was a few weeks ago. But in reality, it was a few months ago, which means I've been recovering from this injury for three long months. I remember the doc telling me it was a 4-6 month recovery on average and thinking that sounded like an eternity, yet here I am in the home stretch already.

I was surprised to learn my Lake Placid training is starting in December. I can't even manage to get on a consistent schedule of light activity and before I know it I'll be Ironman training again. I always pictured the offseason being full of fun, non-tri activities and being anxious to start training again. But due to my foot I've had to restrict all activity and aside from the first month of down time, I haven't been particularly anxious to do any swimming, biking or running. And it flew by in a flash.

I'll feel tremendously better when I get back on track and regain the consistency I had pre-injury, pre-Ironman. Knowing it's just around the corner, I'm going to enjoy these final free weeks and not beat myself up so much about slacking off occasionally. On that note, I'm off to enjoy a training-free weekend!


  1. I am struggling with the "off season" concept. I came up with a tentative workout plan this week (all easy stuff) and ended up skipping two of the workouts for weather reasons. I never would have done that during IM training. I only felt 50% guilty.

    I can't believe that your training starts in December -- how exciting!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I'm coming off of an injury as well and I'm struggling with being patient and easing back into things. It's so hard sometimes.
    How exciting that you will be starting IM training back up in December! I am a runner and a biker, but I've never done a tri. I am going to sign up for a sprint tri this next year. I look forward to watching your training!



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