January 26, 2010

All Geared Up

As shared in recent posts, I've added some new things to my activity roster to keep winter, and my continuing recovery, fun and interesting. I purchased a pair of snow shoes, which of course means the temperature jumped into the 60s and all evidence of snow has vanished. But before the snow made a hasty departure, I quickly stopped by my new favorite outdoor clothing retailer Ibex to browse for some essentials to accompany the shoes.

The most urgent item on my list was a good pair of softshell pants for both snowy and chilly hiking. I had grabbed a heavy, fleece-lined pair at the local EMS but also wanted something lighter for layering in varying weather conditions. I ordered the Ibex Tuck Pant, a sports bra and underwear, and a great bike jersey (ok, the bike jersey has nothing to do with hiking but I simply had to have it). Being that Ibex is all top-0f-the-line merino, you can imagine the top-0f-the-line price tag that accompanied my order. You can also then imagine my surprise when I received a special invitation just days later to shop at 40% off prior to the big winter sale.

At first I got a little worked up over the money I could have saved, then composed a polite email requesting a credit. I've dealt with Ibex a lot and they are always incredibly helpful so I decided to follow it up with a quick call. The woman asked if I was Kristin and said I was next on her list to take care of. She was getting ready to provide me with the credit and even applied it to another recent order I hadn't even asked about. It's rare to find a company that treats customers so well and so personally. On top of it, the gear I've gotten thus far is the best I've ever bought. I'm hooked.

My schedule continues to be mass chaos but I'm fitting my training in bit by bit. I managed a very brief amount of pool time today figuring something was better than nothing, and when work dies down for the evening, I'll get on the bike and watch some episodes of Lost. The mental benefit should be even greater than the physical benefit after a stressful day.

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