January 4, 2010

Not So Bad Start

Week one is in the books and it wasn't so bad. I was aiming primarily for consistency and as a secondary goal I was hoping to nail all the workouts even if the days were mixed around a bit. I achieved a fair amount of consistency and only missed a couple workouts so overall, it was a good start.

My run/walking has been progressing rather nicely. I did my weekly long one on New Year's Day and for the first time, it was totally pain and pressure free. It was a great way to start the year. I spent a lot of time on the bike and made it to the pool once (I know, room for improvement) and did a couple shorter runs. I am just scratching the surface but it feels good to be back with a new goal.

Speaking of goals, I need to buckle down on the weight loss and fast. The holidays really did some damage this year, which isn't much of a surprise based on the seemingly endless string of parties, truffle dinners, chocolates, more parties and copious amounts of fabulous wine. I'm not going to complain, I enjoyed every decadent moment gaining those pounds, but alas it's training season again so it's time to be healthier. At least five days a week...


  1. Glad week one went well!! Hope week 2 is just as good :)

  2. glad you are off to a good start :) i hear ya on the weightloss... it was a 'goal' for '09 but somehow i ignored it and gained instead. here's to dropping some pounds this year!

  3. I was totally inspired by your accounts of how you are getting fit and healthy. It reminded me of my daughter Melanie, she too does all those things. I, well I am swimming at moment, finding it hard to breath properly, but need to keep going down there, in fact I might go in for some swimming lessons, though I used to think I could swim well, but maybe not, well I am 58 years old now. So getting on. Need to lose weight, so joined a slimming club.



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