September 10, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Do At An Ironman

There are great benefits of not being nervous and worked up over a race, but there are also some drawbacks. I went straight from the airport to registration yesterday in an effort to save time and avoid the stress of Friday check-in. I did it all in record time. I even pre-paid for my race photos to shave more precious minutes from my obligations on Monday. I was feeling rather clever, rather proud of myself. That is until right before dinner I realized I didn't have my race packet. Yep, I'd lost it. I must have put it down while pre-paying for the photos or perhaps while buying yet another cow-spotted jersey. Who knows. But it begs the question - who loses an Ironman race packet??? It didn't even phase me. I went to dinner and figured I'd deal with it in the morning. I found it immediately this morning on the Solutions table with this note on it.

After a short swim and lunch with a friend, I spent the day relaxing. I felt a little under the weather and hope it's just from having a busy week and my body letting go of the stress. I took my parents to the Athlete's Dinner tonight, and while it's the same old same old as every other race, I really enjoyed it and was glad to have the chance to share it with them. My sister and her husband - who also happens to be a professional photographer, which is lucky for me!! - arrive tonight and then Team Lazy Marathoner will be complete!

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