September 9, 2009

Every Step I Take

I'm literally saving my steps up for Sunday. I have been off my feet, driving, in the boot and on the crutches, all in a desperate attempt to have saved up the 41,280 steps estimated to complete a marathon. I am feeling good. Really good. But I can't let that cloud my judgment. I'm thrilled to be here. I had dinner with friends last night, lunch with more friends today. Then drinks with the same friends plus new friends this afternoon, and dinner with family tonight. I am feeling surrounded with support and on a perpetual high from being in the vicinity of an Ironman.

They were setting up the finish area tonight and I was overwhelmed when I saw it. I so badly want to be there on Sunday night, and not as a spectator, but as a participant on the course completing my journey. I've decided I will do whatever I can to cross that line without causing future damage. I'm going to be smart, take everything I know and make the decision on race day. If I'm hurting I'll stop, whether that's in T2 or on the run course. This is an incredibly special Ironman, but it isn't the only Ironman. I have to keep that in mind.

Tomorrow starts the official race activity. I'm meeting friends at 7 for the Gatorade swim, 1.2 miles in the foul, blue-green algae infested Lake Monona (yum). Then we're registering, having lunch and some of us are retrieving our bikes from Tribike Transport. More friends are arriving tomorrow night. Sunday will be here before I know it. And I welcome it. I'm ready.

1 comment:

  1. I've got goose bumps, I am so excited for you! Good luck on Sunday!



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