February 4, 2009


This week is two things - a "get back into it" week, and my final week of blissfully unstructured training for the rest of the year. Once Monday rolls around I'll be on a structured plan from my coach and deviation isn't encouraged. So while I had planned to swim today, I didn't feel like it and took advantage of these final days of flexibility and did whatever I wanted. I decided to do another trainer ride and a quick run around my neighborhood to get a feel for the streets here.

I was much more comfortable on the bike this time. I'm slowly getting used to my new bike and am anxious about taking it out on the streets this weekend. I'm excited, but nervous and have no idea what it will feel like to ride again.

My run was nice. There is no better way to explore than on your feet and it was great to avoid another boring dreadmill run. I have not been able to get my legs into running this week. They have felt tired, tight and heavy pretty much every day. But today's run was mean to be short and light so I didn't stress over it.

I ended the day by meeting up with a triathlon friend who is now a neighbor. I'm really enjoying spending full days in Brooklyn and just doing whatever I feel like. Since those days are numbered I will be sure to make the most of them.

Biking (trainer)
Distance - 7.51 miles
Time - 32:00

Distance - 3.45 miles
Time - 30:09

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