March 17, 2009

Sticking to the Plan

I am absolutely determined to stick to my training plan this week. It's a high volume week for me and the schedule is a little more challenging since my coach rearranged it for a possible weekend trip I was planning. I was going to attend this big multisport expo in Boston where I also could have met my coach in person, but due to the ridiculous cost of train tickets I've decided not to go. Rather than try to rearrange my schedule yet again, I'm planning to do it as is.

I was up at 5, out the door at 5:31, on the train by 5:39, at the gym at 6:09 and in the pool at 6:15. I'm almost always running late so I was rather proud of myself. The emptiness of the pool - and the gym for that matter - in the early morning almost makes it worthwhile to get out of bed at the crack o' stupid. My workout was another speed-oriented one and I almost managed to hit my goal pace. I more than nailed it on the first interval, completing 400 yards in 6:19 (1:35/100 yards). I'm not sure I've ever gone that fast. My second set was good, but I accidentally did 500 because I was daydreaming and lost count so I shortened the third set to 300. But on the fourth I got sluggish so this one threw off my average. I did the final set in 6:34, also really strong for me. Having a coach and having really focused workouts in the pool has made a huge difference for me in a short amount of time. It's exciting to think what I might be able to accomplish before IMWI.

There was no green beer for me tonight. While everyone else got to go out and drink, I got to come home and spend an hour on the trainer. It was a really hard workout too. I had to do 8-minute anaerobic intervals at fairly low cadence, which meant I had to ride in a really hard gear to get the heart rate up. My legs were burning the entire time. By the end of this workout, green beer was sounding pretty good. But I'll have to wait because tomorrow morning is another early start and I can't get derailed from the plan.

Distance - 2,150 yards
Time - 40:03

Distance - 14.17 miles
Time - 1:00:00

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