April 14, 2009

Right? Wrong.

My rest period officially ended this morning with a good swim. My schedule called for a 1,000 yard workout consisting of 100 x 10 anaerobic. Since I've been wanting to swim more, I added another 1,000 as two sets of 500 nice and easy. I did one before and one after the anaerobic workout.

I thought I'd take some of the easy time to experiment with breathing on the right. I breathe only on the left and as discovered in New Orleans, this is not great for courses with the shore to the right and a face full of waves to the left. I've been wanting to learn bilateral breathing since I started swimming and figured now was as good a time as ever. If only it were that simple. I attempted it for a total of 50 yards before scrapping that plan. I ended up with a mouthful of pool water, shoulder pain and a bruised ego. I must have looked ridiculous.

This was only a minor setback. I know I can learn. I essentially taught myself to swim last summer and learned with one arm after my crash so how hard can this be? I'll give it another try soon, perhaps at 5 a.m. when I'm the only one in the pool and only after watching 20 YouTube videos.

Distance - 2,000 yards
Time - 19:27 (1,000 easy); 16:58 (1,000 anaerobic)


  1. I taught myself to breath bilaterally. I used the sharkfin drill, 'cause of the over done rolling on each side it was easy to learn to take a breath and it was just practice from there. Now I actually like my "off side" better!

  2. I pick my races according to the way I breath - lol - it just works out that way.

  3. You didn't say if you were just breathing on the right, or doing bilateral during your experiment. Go with bilateral, breathing every 3 strokes. If you were getting shoulder pain you might be starting your pull too soon. Not sure what the sharkfin drill that Jenifer mentioned is, but it sounds good.

  4. It will come sooner than later I had to learn to breathe on my right. I was having shoulder pain from one sided breathing when I learned how to do bilateral it went away and I can swim a long time just not very fast.



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